Non-traditional, spiritually-centered businesses, from astrologers to life coaches, now have a resource for marketing in Marketing 4 Mystics. Unlike more traditional marketing firms or consultants, Marketing 4 Mystics brings a comprehension of the unique nature of both the demographic particular to non-traditional businesses and the techniques which generate the most positive and efficacious results.

"I really saw this as a way to assist people who may be where I was with my business 3 or 4 years ago," explained Chriss Barr, founder of Marketing 4 Mystics and practicing feng shui consultant. "When I was launching Palm Beach Feng Shui, I spent a fortune on marketing and PR people, with little to no result. But I did learn that the rules are different for non-traditional businesses, not to mention a lot of inside information about how to get PR, advertise and get my name out there."

Marketing 4 Mystics includes 3 Modules with easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement ideas and strategies which can attract more business and increase visibility. The process relies on the kind of cost-effective methods which are perfect for small businesses, with an understanding of what it takes to infuse your business with the kind of spiritual creativity that non-traditional businesses respond to. Continued Barr: "Each module explains a different aspect of marketing, from website creation to networking to professional resources, but also how to feng shui your office space, your website, and your business."

As an added resource, Marketing 4 Mystics offers the Inner Circle, a membership in a weekly support system, dedicated to improving your marketing and networking strategies. "We offer guidance and tools in the implementing of the kind of ideas expressed in Marketing 4 Mystics, not to mention monthly feng shui advice to maximize the flow of positive energy in your office. These are methods proven to attract more clients and increase revenue."

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