” A Master Mind may be created through the bringing together or blending, in a spirit of perfect harmony, of two or more minds. Out of this harmonious blending the chemistry of the the mind creates a third mind which may be appropriated and used by one or all of the individual minds. The Master Mind will remain available as long as the friendly harmonious alliance between the individual minds exist. It will disintegrate and all evidence of its former existence will disappear the moment the friendly alliance is broken.”

Napoleon Hill, Law of Success

To clarify one point, Mr. Hill is affirming two or more harmonious minds bonds with a third connector which is God..Divine Intelligence. When the energy fields of two or more people are in alignment with Source energy the guidance that emerges is nothing short of amazing.

Today we launched the Mastermind Connect group in the Manifest Mastermind Private Community This coincides with the release of our detailed Guidance Process on the the intent of the Mastermind, how to select Mastermind group members and how to conduct a Mastermind session whether in person or remote.

Our members received a detailed example of exactly how I use the Mastermind Process with my business partner and mastermind partner Brian Campbell. Our members have a great community of like minded people to begin forming their connections with as well as forming their Mastermind groups. This process started almost as soon as the doors were opened.

While certain of the information is exclusive for our members, we are pleased to provide you with key steps for forming your own Mastermind. In Napoleon Hill’s books Think and Grow Rich and The Laws of Success he is emphatic on the importance of a Mastermind in the accomplishment of nearly every major milestone.

From Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process Mastermind (for our members see http://manifestmastermind.com/dreams):

A mastermind is two or more people in alignment with your intentions. There are no rules. However, we recommend you consider separate mastermind members for each of the following areas:


You may find a person or more who can be an excellent mastermind partner that is able to relate to your financial and your personal dreams. Remember you are looking for guidance and people who will hold you accountable for what you commit to do. This is not a chat session. These are very purposeful meetings with ideas and action steps resulting from them.


Let’s say you have a business and you want to improve the profitability of that business. An effective mastermind partner is one who has experience doing that. The rest of the equation is that you should be able to help them with their financial objectives. You don’t need to be an expert in their business. However if you are not able to help them, the mastermind will be short lived. If you are inexperienced in business you may need a mastermind coach and that is different than a mastermind partner. Generally a mastermind coach is a person you

You may be in a position where you have a job and want to change or you are looking for a position. A mastermind partner connecting on dreams and desires will help you stay objective in your mindset and balanced.

[Great resources for business advice include: http://stevereports.com and the latest training published by Brian at http://thesocialmediasource.com
All this material is free. It works if you do your part.]

A mastermind partner in the area of health can be someone you exercise with or can be a person who you develop new ideas about eating and drinking. A mastermind is not intended to deal with addiction matters or replace other situations where professional assistance is appropriate.

A mastermind partner can be very helpful in the area of relationships if there is a mutual understanding and intent to focus on what you need to be to attract the person of your dreams. Mastermind partners should not be looked at as a replacement for professional counselors.

There are no limits on the purpose for you mastermind partner or group. However masterminds take time so we advise you form your mastermind based on how you prioritized your dreams. You can expand the number of masterminds after you are making significant progress with one. Or maybe you have two where one meets several times a week and another meets less frequently.

Keys To Success

There must be harmony. This is achieved by clear definition of purpose and agreement on the purpose. But there is more:

……Every successful mastermind has this one element: positive energy vibrations labeled harmony…every one!!!

Each member should feel they are able to contribute as well as receive.

Each member must be open to candid helpful comments and evaluations from others.

Meeting in person is not required. An agreement to communicate at a certain time and frequency is an integral part of an effective mastermind.

Agreement as to the length of the meetings.

Agreement to take the actions agreed to during the meetings.

Forming a mastermind with a spouse or relative can be effective. However, this should be carefully evaluated as people close to you may not be objective and you may not be as receptive to their ideas and suggestions. Every successful mastermind that we have read about or been active in has been with people who are not related.

Concluding a Mastermind

If harmony is disrupted the mastermind should end. The key in evaluating the level of harmony is the level of positive energy vibrations that are felt during the mastermind sessions. If the energy consistently become neutral or negative, it is time to end the mastermind.

When the intended purpose for forming the mastermind is achieved, it is time to conclude the mastermind.

Sources for Mastermind Partners

Manifest Mastermind Private Community http://manifestmastermind.com/dreams


Civic Organizations

Professional Organizations

Recommendations from others

Mastermind Partners Meeting:

Following the Mastermind Principles Process (separate blog post soon on the Principles Process) the detailed meeting should commence. Guidelines for this meeting include:

1. A meeting agenda
2. Generally the process should be in alignment with highest priority intention.
3. Each meeting should begin with a review of what was agreed to the prior meeting and the status of those agreements. Remember this is a mastermind and not an employer/employee relationship. However, the mastermind agreement is that each person makes commitments to take action and agrees to be held accountable. There is no purpose of the mastermind without the commitment and accountability.
4. At the conclusion of the meeting there should be a fresh set of commitments and targeted timelines for achievement.


In this example I will use a business owner who intend to grow their company to $300,000 per month revenue with a pre-tax net income of 10%. Currently the business is at $100,000 per month and the pre-tax profit is 5%.

The first question I would ask is what is the timeframe for the intended goal. If the answer is next month, I would say that is unrealistic. If the answer is in 18 months or 24 months, that could be realistic depending on the business.

Let’s say that $300,000 per month is realistic in 24 months. That means the owner has 24 months to grow their business to $200,000 a month more than what they are doing now. So I might ask how they are planning to add $10,000 a month of additional revenue per month on average between now and then.

In the course of this discussion I might see advantages and disadvantages not recognized by the owner. This is almost always the case when someone independent of a person’s situation looks at the intentions including intentions in the areas of relationships and health.

Send all readers the energy of health, happiness, properity

Manifest Mastermind

Steve Pohlit, Brian Campbell Founders

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