Wow, Week 2 sure was filled with gaffes. In fantasy football or the NFL, you ask? But of course, in both. In the NFL, you had Ed Hochuli going into an incomplete pass signal to flex his biceps for the camera long before his brain informed him that it saw a fumble.

This forced the NFL to “grade down” the referee and is forcing him to work the Chiefs-Falcons game this week as punishment. In the same game, you had a mysterious replay booth outage that prevented a review of an erroneously called turnover, also benefitting the home Broncos. Methinks Lloyd started his day off in Denver before returning to Hollywood to sabotage the projector during Ari’s movie screening.

Oh, the players are not off the hook either. The Saints need to find a way to get consistent wins to return to the joy of their 2006 season. Funny, that season ended with a loss to the Bears, who didn’t enjoy Reggie Bush taunting them on a TD. Last week, the Saints appeared to have it together in the first half against Washington, only to fire the Redskins up and come back and win. The catalyst was Reggie Bush’s inane taunting once again. What is wrong with just scoring and casually celebrating with your teammates? Maybe that was what DeSean Jackson wanted to do since he allowed Brian Westbrook to assist in a second quarter Eagles score. What a generous fella! One reason fantasy football is so popular is how each play in each NFL game can affect your fantasy matchup outcome. Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson and Donovan McNabb owners can definitely attest to that. That one play affected the outcome of many games.

As far as fantasy goes, there were far more detrimental injuries on the defense and special teams’ side of the ball last week than on the offense. The Bears DST took a hit when Devin Hester went out with sore ribs and will most likely be sidelined at least 2 games. The Indianapolis D took a big hit when Bob Sanders went out with a high ankle sprain and could be out up to 6 weeks. The San Diego D took another hit as LB Shaun Phillips suffered a strained groin against Denver. The Dallas Cowboys D took a hit when Roy Williams went out with a fractured forearm and could miss 3-4 weeks. On the offensive side, there were multiple insignificant losses to non-performers this past week; KC lost another QB, Minny had a QB benched, and Laurence Maroney and Justin Fargas were lost to injuries. Nonetheless, there are a few players to look for on the waiver wire. Darren Sproles is not listed as he should have been on a team in every league or your league is too small or too stupid to count.

QB J.T. O’Sullivan (SF): O’Sullivan has benefitted from facing some weak defenses this year (Arizona and Seattle), but gets Detroit this week and New Orleans next week, so he is a good choice over, gulp, Carson Palmer and Derek Anderson, to name a few.

RB Brandon Jackson (GB): Appeared to be the feature back in 2007 with Ahman Green’s departure, but ineffectiveness and injury opened the door for Ryan Grant. Right now, the favor could be returned. He got more touches than Grant last week and did much better with them. Definitely grab him if you have Grant.

RB Michael Bush (OAK): Oakland can’t throw, so expect many rushing attempts until games are way out of reach and then it is time to work on JaMarcus Russell’s passing skills. Bush was impressive before his injury at Louisville and looked good late last week against KC.

RB Pierre Thomas (NO): New Orleans needs a real running back and Deuce does not appear to be recovered from injury. Thomas has already found the end zone twice.

WR Justin Gage (TENN): Kerry Collins appears to have rapport with Gage. So, as long as Vince Young is being counseled, pick Gage up and get him in the starting lineup.

WR Koren Robinson and Kerry Colbert (SEA): Mike Holmgren loves to throw the ball, but all receivers for Seattle are injured so it is desperation time. Robinson used to know the system, but Colbert is more “game ready”. Pick them up, but don’t start this week unless you are really, really desperate. TE John Carlson is a must-start though.

WR Isaac Bruce (SF): Drafted in many leagues and then cast away after an o-fer in Week 1. He bounced back strong last week and gets to face Detroit and New Orleans next. He may be out of gas by week 5.

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