Mysticism and science already live together as Life; soul and body. All scientists are conscious life-forces that dwell in the physical bodies that are mere vessels for the existence of the Life-force in the material world. In other words, every scientist is a soul or spirit (if you will) living in a physical body but not realizing they are by nature, pure conscious spirit or psyche. The challenge scientists have is that they fail to make a distinction between mind and spirit. And, this is good because in essence, there is no difference since everything in the univereses have a common Origin. For now when it is necessary to make that distinction, it is essentially this failure that clouds their reasoning and soul-vision from seeing beyond the realms of matter. Their failure also highlights the fact why they cannot rise beyond mind. For, they have placed a veil over their mind’s eyes so dark they simply cannot have a higher, elevated vision of what they are. They judge their true nature as being that of the physical body they wear on this planet earth. And so they judge everything according to their bodies- to matter but which is mere precipitated energy. It is a pity they do not understand energy as consciousness.

Our scientists need to understand that their physical bodies cease to exist as living matter the moment the life-force (soul) quits or severs the silver cord that connects it to the body. Without spirit there cannot be life. Therefore all life is but spiritual existence in some form of material body or matter that is animated by spirit.

This is the meaning of the Biblical words "And the light came into the world but the world did not comprehend IT." The Light of God which is spirit dwells in the body which is the world of darkness. Until the inherent spirit rises above the veil of the mind, it (the spirit) cannot see beyond the dark body and therefore cannot recognize what lies beyond the mind or the body. Scientists are prisoners locked up in their own bodies playing with their minds but failing to recognize the fact that what plays or animates the mind is their true essence – the spirit or the individualized light consciousness of God.

The reason for their failure to find meaning and reason for the spirit is simple. They have made their little prisons their true abodes because they have never risen beyond or gone out of those prisons. The day each one of them will access the world beyond or outside of that prison, they will be amazed to see and realize how stupid they had long been fooled or made fools of by their own minds. Right now they are slaves to their own minds only because they have so far failed to attain self-mastery which is reference to the spirit taking charge of its mind, sense faculties and the body.

A child who knows no other woman but its mother thinks and believes in his mother as the best cook. But when one day he goes out to visit, he is surprised to relish a most delicious dish like he has never before tasted. It is very difficult for one who has never consciously vacated his body as to travel outside of his physical vessel to comprehend the fact that in outer space are billions and trillions of galaxies out there much more than what physical powerful Hubble telescopes can view. All that our scientists understand is the world they view from their telescopes. Unfortunately though, of what they view and believe is true they have no direct personal experience at all. They only view the universes the same way most humans view television images but not directly seeing let alone knowing the real persons whose images they view. On the other hand, the mystic has seen and has come to know the real worlds of the spirit and can access any one of those worlds (invisible to the eyes of the scientists) any time anywhere whenever he so desires.

The mystic has learned the secret of extricating his or her self from the body, senses of perception and from the mind which he/she drops off in the Universal Mind region where it belongs. By dropping off the mind, the real person, which is the spirit remains pure- freed of any incumbrances whatsoever. From then onwards one is in perfect state of Spirit Consciousness and one’s comprehension of any thing is no longer subject to logic or reason but it is direct comprehension that stems from pure perfect consciousness. It is a knowing without effort that is capable of perceiving anything but not through any physical or even mind faculties. It is beyond what is ordinariry called extra-sensory perceptaion. One simply "knows" whatever there is to know in directly the same way God knows each and all things and beings simultaneously. This is so because one gets to attain the state of omnipresence just like God ITSELF.

The reason mystics keep quiet about their inner experiences is because scientists would never believe let alone perceive that of what they speak. Scientists would only engage in hairsplitting arguments about facts and truths of which they yet have no understanding at all. The only thing a noble scientist can do is to humbly surrender his wild ego at the lotus feet of the mystic for spiritual training. When the time comes for the scientist to learn the natural method of vacating his own body and to travel or rise beyond body and mind, only then will he not only believe but directly personally experience what the mystic knows. When that happens, the scientist will realize that all along science and mysticism have existed together as one, only that the scientist was unaware of this fact. Moreover, this fact is within him as much as it is in the practicing mystic.

To the mystic, there is no such thing as separation of science from mysticism or of religion from technology; culture from politics or evolution or science from intelligent design; every thing is one- not only interconnected but one- always. It is our ignorance of the fact of omnipresence that we see separation and differences in nature and creation. That is why some of us are racists, tribalistic, murderers, war mongers, evil. The fact is, any scientists who delve into the mystical world ceases being orthodoxy or conventional and becomes a unified being, married to the unity of science and mysticism- indeed to each and everything. Albert Einstein had a glimpse of this truth and so did Swedenborg and Sir Isaac Newton. Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras and Sir Francis Bacon (aka Shakespeare) all of them had some form of understanding of the truth that relates to the unity of all life existing in each atom and sub-atomic particles.

When you glimpse into the fact that spirit or soul exists in atoms and sub-atomic particles as atom-souls, you realize the reason why life exists in tiny living organisms such as germs, bacteria and viruses that are invisible to the human naked eye. The fact is that life or spirit exists even in what we know as dead human bodies- for in each cell or molecule and atoms of a dead human body exists so many atom-souls. What we refer to as dead body is only the fact that the atom-souls existing in the so-called dead body have no capacity or ability to cause motion or animate the heavy physical body as it is. The individual human soul is so powerful that its capacity to animate a human body or the elephant soul for that matter to animate the elephant body, yet remain invisible to the human eye is a wonder of nature, creation and the force that is behind this phenomenon. People have called this power God, Jehovah, Zeus, Nzambe, Chukwu, Tendo, Allah, Ruhanga, Ahura Mazda, Mukama and so many other names but only the serious human who dares to turn within can have a direct personal experience of this Divine Power of Pure, Perfect Consciousness.

In every particle of matter, in each particle of the chemicals scientists use in their laboratories is to be found an atom soul. Since the spirit is invisible conscious power of divine consciousness, it can exist in the smallest particle of any element. Hence it exists in neutrons, electrons and quacks etc. In other words, when the scientists deals with electrons he is dealing with spirit which is the basis of the teachings of the mystics. Soul or spirit is fire proof and therefore cannot be killed or burned by any high degree of fire. The fact is, there are souls that dwell in the element we call fire. This explains the fact that in any nuclear bomb blast, there are zazillions of spirits or atom-souls that are within the legions of the fire element of creation.

This may sound crazy. Nevertheless it is an established fact that inside the body of every human being are zillions of souls on the atomic level and dimension. For, matter is but a combination of atom-souls which are the building blocks of that what we call matter; man, lion, whale, frog or earthworm. It is precipitated energy and energy is nothing but the consciousness of innumerable spirits. This is why matter can never be totally annihilated by any means physical. This is so because the spirits existing in matter have the capacity to change their states and the states of matter in which they may dwell based upon existing conditions and circumstances.

An individual who learns this truth becomes the Truth ITSELF which is God and therefore is able to do anything mortals can neither perceive or conceive of. And, so they call what they do not perceive miracles or wonders. But the good news is, mortals have the potential to do each and every thing they see as miracles.

It is but a question of evolution in the phenomenon of time befeore scientists will admit the fact that there is no difference between science and mysticism but that both are sides of the same coin. As they evolve from deep ignorance and hairsplitting arguments, they eventually will arrive at the threshold where they see everything as one- Science and Mysticism included. At this stage, science and mysticism become Mystiscience united not by the power of logic or the theory of positivism and reductionism but by the right comprehension of the Divine Law of Unity. When that will happen, peace, love and harmony will dawn upon the earth and the world will be transformed into a heavenly body.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Bijumiro-Jjumiro is a student and practitoner of mysticism. He has met with several mystics and trained at the feet of the feet of one for many years. He has writeen many books on mysticism and subjects related thereof.