Perhaps no day in a parent’s life is more traumatic and chaotic than the day they first realize or are informed that their child has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

For my daughter, it was evident to me what was wrong, immediately following her profound vaccine injury. I had no time to grieve or process my feelings when I got the confirmation from medical professionals of what I had feared most. For me it was no real shock to see the diagnosis on paper. I had already witnessed my beautiful, happy, intelligent, affectionate, singing and smiling toddler quickly fall into a dark abyss of anger, frustration, and isolation. I knew what was wrong. But still I was faced with the daunting task of navigating a complex system of professionals and procedures to get the diagnosis I knew she needed in order to best facilitate the care she would require.

What followed were months of sleepless nights of research, phone calls to the best doctors the country had to offer, and long stressful airplane flights around the nation on a quest for solutions. For most parents this period of overwhelming information and searching for answers comes during severe emotional stress, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation. Often well-meaning family, friends and even health professionals are at a loss as to how to support or educate the family in crisis as they wade through reams of information and misinformation trying to find viable options, resources and hope.

Here are some starting points to consider as you will likely be juggling several balls at once as you explore services and therapies for your child, which may include Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, auditory processing therapies, ABA therapy, and more.

Statistically the children with the best outcomes have been treated with the DAN! protocol and DAN! physicians. You will find a list of practicing DAN! physicians and stories of hundreds of children no longer on the spectrum because of successful bio-medical interventions and treatment at

DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) is an organization founded by the Autism Research Institute. It is of critical importance to note that DAN! physicians are classically trained medical doctors who apply their training to treat autism spectrum disorders bio-medically using the latest DAN! protocol. Keep in mind that while the number of these doctors is rapidly growing each year it may take three to six months or more to obtain an appointment with some DAN! physicians.

Here is an affordable and do-able action plan to implement while waiting to see a DAN! doctor and for therapies to start:

1. Reduce the toxic load from your home environment. Most autistic children are wrestling with various toxicity issues and are predisposed to magnified ill-effects from environmental toxins, so lower your load at home first. Opt for organic and chemical-free cleansers, fibers, bedding, clothing, and products whenever possible throughout your home.

2. Invest in a balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement. Several companies manufacture specific supplements for children with ASD. Some of the better-known supplements used by DAN! doctors are from Kirkman Labs. They are available without prescriptions.

3. Consider adding cod liver oil to your child's food or juice. Cod Liver Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin A. Often parents of autistic children find immediate improvements in eye contact and calmness from simply implementing Cod Liver Oil to their child's diet. Nordic Naturals Orange Flavored Cod Liver Oil is a brand often recommended by doctors for its purity standards.

4. Begin using probiotics. Probiotics provide the stomach with "good" gut flora. One well-know probiotic is Acidophilus, another yet is Bifidum. Most ASD children benefit from daily supplementation with probiotics, particularly the ones with leaky gut or yeast issues.

5. Lipoceutical Glutathione. Glutathione is one of the body's most potent and vital anti-oxidants. The majority of children with ASD are critically low in Glutathione. Most DAN! Doctors use this as one component of the DAN! Protocol. It is often dispensed in a transdermal cream or as a liquid in a bottle that is well absorbed by the body. You can purchase Lipoceutical Glutathione over-the-counter from Wellness Pharmacy: 1-800-227-2627. A large percentage of parents report immediate improvement after introducing Lipoceutical Glutathione.

6. Find a local physician who is familiar with the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol, and plan out a series of medical tests and treatments. Some physicians will be open to medical testing and biomedical treatments, but others will not. Search until you find one who is willing to help your child, as opposed to one who wishes only to monitor the severity of your child’s problems. Take your child to a physician who supports you and respects your viewpoint, goals, and objectives.

7. Attend one or more parent support groups. Parents and caregivers can be a valuable source of support and information. There are over 200 chapters of the Autism Society of America, over 70 chapters of FEAT, and other informal parent support groups. Consider joining or visiting at least one.

It is important to note that every child is treated differently by a DAN! physician based on that child’s individual medical needs. As Dr. Raj Patel, MD, a DAN! doctor from California states, “Each DAN! practitioner has a slightly different approach. We are working with a syndrome, not a single disease. Five different kids with one label may have different problems underneath.”

The key is to get plugged into a DAN! doctor as quickly as possible so that they can guide you though the treatment plan your individual child requires.

There is something you can do as a newly diagnosed parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Research, arm your self with the latest knowledge, and take action.

Author's Bio: 

Carmel L. Mooney has a B.A. in English, an MBA, and a PhD in Psychology. She has nearly two decades of experience working with individuals with all disabilities including developmental disabilities. She is a former fitness instructor and personal trainer having worked with disabled individuals. For 11 years, she ran a successful private massage therapy specializing in disabled clients. Carmel also taught K-12 for several years. Carmel has published more than 700 articles and three books and many of her articles have been in the areas of health, medicine, vaccine injury, autism, nutrition, parenting and family issues. Carmel has hosted the AM talk radio show ‘On Tour with Dave and Carmel’ for thirteen years on KJAY 1430 AM in Sacramento. She has been a successful public speaker for nine years, conducting seminars around the United States. You can read more about her writing and publishing accomplishments at

In her spare time, Carmel has traveled extensively all over the world, with her family of five children. She is an award winning cook, and gardener and a Girl Scout leader. Carmel is also a real estate investor. Her favorite hobbies include traveling, knitting for her family, and writing romance. Carmel lives with her husband and children in Northern California.

Since 2005 she has coached and mentored hundreds of families with developmental disabilities and helped families navigate the complicated maze of therapies and bio-medical interventions available to their children.

Her youngest daughter is autistic.