We are multidimensional energy beings living in many dimensions simultaneously. Most of us enter these other dimensions or lokas while we dream. Sometimes we remember these dreams and we receive glimpses of these parallel realities that shape our experience. What follows is one such remembrance:

“I found myself inside the old sermon room of the Episcopalian church i attended as a child.

I was sitting in a corner of the room over near a window just gathering my thoughts.

I noticed that the ceiling had a number of leaks where the day’s rain was pouring in from… not quite a pour, but a definite annoyance. There were buckets at several places on the ground trying to catch the water from the leaks.

Someone came into the room. I did not know this man and he did not notice my presence at first.

He walked over toward my side of the room and then he saw me. He started telling me something that i perceived in a way suggesting that he wanted the room to himself. I started to walk toward the door, taking my leave.

He stopped me from leaving with his words, indicating that i did not need to leave. He needed the room but directed me to an adjoining room which he ushered me into. He led me to a large quite comfortable looking chair which he somehow unfolded allowing a place for my legs to rest.

I sat in the chair and indeed it was very comfortable. He left the room. I noticed on the far wall several portraits of this man and i knew that he was the head of the church. I walked over to the wall for a closer look. I saw the pictures unfold as living, moving images and i saw that this man in a past life was a Native American Chief who used to ride white buffalos. I could also tell by the pictures that he had the ability to consciously enter the Samadhi state and that he was a very spiritually evolved being.

He came back into the room for some reason and i shared with him that i was very happy to see that the church was so fortunate to have a Father who was authentic. He was so happy to be recognized and acknowledged that he began to kiss my head and face with great tenderness. He then left the room for a second time.

I looked around and saw that next to this room was a very large adjoining room with extremely high ceilings, some 50 feet high or more … it was like a huge indoor basketball stadium, only it was completely empty. I began to explore this room by flying all around it. The feeling of flying brought me to ecstasy and i was doing forward and backward 360 degree rolls as well as vortexian rotations to one side, then the other all around the room. The feeling of ecstasy brought on by this flying is impossible to describe in words.

The Father, having telepathically picked up that i was a former child parishioner of this church, had gone to bring back 8 or so current members of the congregation. They all entered this huge room at once but they did not notice me flying high across the ceiling space.

They stayed in the room quite sometime but still did not notice me flying around. The thought occurred to me that this was like the Aztecs who did not notice the Spanish ships till after 8 days or so when several Shaman of the tribe began to experience this rippling energy coming off the water and suddenly they could see the ships off the shore, then the whole tribe caught on as well.

It was the Father who finally noticed me flying around and then one by one the parishioners noticed me as well. The Father, who i had seen was the former Chief Yukiyuma of the Hopi Nation, wanted me to share something with the parishioners.

From the heights of the ecstasy i was still experiencing I was inspired to bless them each individually with the Christ consciousness. I began to fly in the direction of the first parishioner to give him the blessing.

Because the parishioners could not yet handle this level of compassion, they collectively and individually directed me in their consciousness to become ordinary. I was not feeling to do this and was not feeling this would be of service to them so i had decided to fly away. I landed and walked to the outside exit of this room and climbed a fence railing ready to jump into the sky. The Father was there and he caught my leg before i could jump into the sky. I told him that i would be back but that he must let me go for now. He let go of my leg and i took off into the free blue skies.

I was in flight and calculated from this heightened perspective where i had parked my car. Flying toward the woods i had noticed that someone had seen me from ground level and that my image flying had brought up his fear. After figuring the direction my car lay in i reversed direction toward this new location and i saw that another man noticed me flying. I ascended to a height that was normally unnoticeable from the ground level and continued my flight in the direction of my parked car.

Somehow i found myself in another building that i thought would have an opening to continue my free flight. However i found an impasse but quickly determined how to get out of the building. There was a mechanism on a far wall that would open a huge window across the way. I flew to the mechanism and pushed two buttons that i could see and hear were opening the huge window. I flew to the window but noticed that it was covered by a screen. I pulled away a corner of the screen large enough to let me out. But i noticed that i had left two objects over by the mechanism i had used to open the window. I quickly flew back to the mechanism, picked up the objects and then flew back and out the window. I was now once again in the free skies heading toward my car… the dream had come to an end.”

Author's Bio: 

Robert has been working with students and clients for 38 years assisting them to discover and manifest the gifts they desire to share with others in the world of vibrational healing. As a teacher, mentor, and practitioner, Dr March has helped in the training of massage therapists, polarity practitioners, sound healers, reflexologist, naturopaths, and other practitioners in the world of complementary and integrative therapies.

Using principals and practices from various healing modalities and spiritual traditions, and especially now, using the most powerful gift of the Oneness Blessing, he has helped thousands of students and clients learn how to access and utilize their own inner healer and their own innate wisdom and divine Presence within. This has helped his clients and students to lead happier, healthier, more balanced lives themselves and has helped them to gain new skills and the confidence required to reach out and work with their own families, friends and clients on their personal journeys of healing and spiritual growth.

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