Motorcycle cleaning and maintenance is an important part to keep your motorcycle properly for that you must have to clean, wash and polish your bike on regular basis with different cleaning materials available in the market. You have to wash your motorcycle with water and soaps, waxes, and cleaning agents that remove all the dirt, grease and other things from engine and inside and outside of the body and than apply special polish like chrome on the body, wait for some time to get dry and make it elegant look like just release from the showroom.

Soap: There are many liquid cleaners are available to wash the bike. The soaps are available from mild to moderate grade depends on the motorcycle usage condition. There are various detergents and loosens are available to clean the bike. Lotion is specially apply in case of more dirt.

Drying: After cleaning the motorcycle it is essential to get it dry with the blower. You must have to dry the bike with the blower. It is essential to clean all the water dots from the motorcycle parts. It is essential to use the blower to clear the water in the inner part of the motorcycle.

Clean the bugs on windshield: You must have to clean the bugs because the bugs are harder to clean after surface gets dry. It is necessary to clean the windshield properly.

Wax: Once your bike dry up properly, you can apply the wax or polish material on the surface of the motorcycle. The wax gives clean surface.

Chrome finish: If you would like to give new look to your motorcycle you must apply the chrome police on your motorcycle. There are several brands of chrome police are available you must use special police devise to get your bike chrome polish.

Metal finish: The metal finish give elegant look to your motorcycle while apply on the metals. The metal polish restores the beauty of bead, aluminum and chrome metal.

There are many cleaning material like leather cleaner, battery terminals, tapes are use to protect the motorcycle parts. Apart from motorcycle you must have to clean your helmet for safety.

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