Custom Designed Angel Pins are Gaining New Interest
Tomball, Tx - September 3, 2004 – Angel Pins have been around for many years, but in the past few years, customers buying angel pins are interested primarily in designs that have a personal meaning to them. Carla More of Carla’s Angels has a growing customer base, for which she designs unique and custom angel pins designed in memory of loved ones or in honor of friends and family as they have major accomplishments take place in their lives.

Custom designs are the core of the business. Carla has worked with many organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life Campaign, a Charity Fund Raiser for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Greater Houston COPS, to name a few. Custom Angel pins have been designed for Sales Representatives of various companies such as Mary Kay and Avon. Several friends and family members of the heroes of 9/11 have requested custom designs in memory of their loved ones.

Many individuals request custom designs as well. Angel Pins make a perfect, unique and very personal sympathy gift that is treasured by the family of the departed for many, many years. Angel Pins play a very large role in the grieving and healing process after the loss of a loved one. An angel pin is a very thoughtful gift when considering a unique sympathy gift for a family.

Each angel pin is handmade of quality materials. Carla creates quality Angel Pins of gold and silver plated material at affordable prices. Each angel pin is constructed of prefabricated jewelry parts and brought together to create a beautiful angel pin.

One satisfied customer says – “Oh my goodness, now, I looked at the pin for my girlfriend with the twins and was totally happy with the way it turned out and it is gorgeous, but this pin absolutely brought tears to my eyes. It is so beautiful. How different it looks to me with my meaning in the pin than when I looked at it on-line. Of course it was beautiful, but it did not move me the way it just did when I looked at it. Carla truly has a gift.”

The special meaning is symbolized by several factors in the angel design, making each angel pin very personal and unique. Carla has a web-based business, Carla’s Angels. You can visit her on the web at or call her with your special request at 832-642-4012. Carla’s Angels is located in Tomball, Texas, but through the internet, her business has grown nationwide.

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Carla Moore has been designing angel pins and marketing them on the web since September, 2001.