In the world of business, it's said that the three most important ingredients for success are location, location, location. Well, in the world of mind control, the three most vital things are repetition, repetition, repetition!

I'm Bradley Thompson, and (modesty aside) I'm known as a self-development guru. I've written several self-development books, and am president of dozens of personal growth
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But while I've spent many years exploring the fascinating world of personal growth, I've discovered that one simple fact underlies
the great majority of successful self-development strategies. That is, the amazing power of repetition to promote learning and change.

Let me give you an example. When you're learning to drive a car, no instructor would expect you to perform an action once and then do it perfectly every time.

No. Like all of us, you learn by repetition. You do an action once, then you do it again, and
again, till after a while it becomes automatic to you. We call this practising, but what it REALLY is is repetition.

And just the same applies in the field of mind control (by which I mean gaining control over your own mind). 

You don't achieve goals such as becoming more confident or improving your concentration just by being told to do so once. But if you keep on hearing or seeing messages promoting
your goals, they WILL have a real and lasting beneficial effect on you.

Make no mistake - the principle of learning by repetition is VERY powerful. It applies across almost every aspect of our lives. And yet, it isn't always that easy to apply in practice.

Or at least, that used to be the case! But recently my publishers,
WCCL, released a unique program called
Motivator. This makes it easy for any computer-user to harness the power of repetition to achieve almost any goal they desire.

The Motivator software uses a powerful psychological technique called programmed rehearsal. Basically, you load it with a series of messages to remind you of your goals.
Motivator then runs quietly in the background, and at intervals displays your chosen messages in popup boxes. Using the power of repetition, these messages
propel you closer and closer to achieving your aims.

You can use the Motivator software to achieve any of a wide range of personal goals. Just a few possibilities might include:

* Stop smoking

* Improve posture

* Build self-esteem

* Lose weight

* Overcome addictions

* Beat stress

* Improve writing skills

* and many more!

You simply decide your aims and add your goal messages, then let the software run. It really is as simple as that, though to get the most out of the program, there are certain principles you need to apply when creating your messages.

Obviously, you can choose any goal messages you like, but it is normally best if they are (a) positive rather than negative, and (b) set in the here and now ("I am") rather than the past or future ("I was" or "I will"). Here are some good examples:

* I enjoy my smoke-free lungs

* I am a talented writer

* Great ideas come naturally to me

* I am focused and "in the zone"

* Every day I achieve my goals

* I eat healthily and lose weight

* In business, I focus on making money

* I am happy and relaxed with strangers

* I am a magnetic public speaker

By contrast, these would not be such effective goal messages:

* I am not a smoker (negative rather than positive)

* I will be more confident (set in the future rather than the present)

The Motivator software is totally customizable, You can set it to load with Windows, display messages randomly or in order, change the message frequency, edit the font, change the way the message window looks, and
much more.

Don't worry, though. When you order Motivator, you'll receive easy-to-understand email instructions, together with a video tutorial prepared by WCCL's
Karl Moore. And, of course, you'll have access to 24-hour support if needed via WCCL's dedicated website at

I've saved the very best till last, however. The Motivator
program is absolutely free - zero, zilch, nada! WCCL are keen to get this powerful software to the largest possible audience, and they don't want cost to be an issue for ANYBODY.

So there you have it. As explained in this article, repetition is a simple yet extremely powerful mind control technique. And with the aid of WCCL's free
Motivator software, you really can use the power of repetition to help
you achieve your personal goals. So why not visit the Motivator
website and download your free copy right now?

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