Everyone’s eyes roll back in their head when they hear that the communications planet is turning retrograde. Logic and scheduling goes out the window when mental Mercury provides the optical illusion of traveling backwards,

People who are “A-type” personalities who are always aggressively pushing forward learn that they must be in harmony with Universal time. In other words, they go frantic when the world does not bend to their neatly prepared plans. Life is a hassle when Great Spirit changes the schedule, crashes their computer, or makes them stop for an automotive repair.

Mellow personalities allow for unexpected changes during this three-week cycle. They intuitively know that Mercury retrograde is the time to pull back, retreat, revise plans, and tend to behind the scenes activities. They open to the opportunity to have a mental meltdown; and like the book says, they don’t sweat the small stuff-and it’s all small stuff!

Take advantage of this cycle by taking a pet project to some sacred and secluded location. Mercury retrograde helps you open to your higher mind, possibly because it shuts down your lower mind for maintenance. Use this cycle to prepare for future activities or to do those things that have been on the back burner of your life.

If you want a hint about the specific challenges and opportunities coming during Mercury retrograde, there is a shadow period starting about ten days before talkative Mercury actually turns retrograde. As little problems come up, set the stage to work with them. That noise in your car’s engine isn’t going to go away by turning up the radio; make an appointment at the repair shop. Back up your computer during this shadow period. Don’t put off important calls and letters in the shadow before Mercury retrograde.

Just as there is a shadow before the retrograde cycle, there is also one during the ten days after Mercury ends it retrograde cycle (called Mercury Direct). Even a little planet like Mercury needs time to change direction, so this is the time to begin to get into motion the projects that you quietly worked on during the retrograde cycle.

As you can see, knowledge of this thrice-yearly cycle can help you minimize the hassle and maximize the opportunity. If you are willing to release mental rigidity and open to that which the Universe has to offer, you will be overjoyed at the miracles that come forth with minimal effort.

For a listing of current or upcoming Mercury retrograde dates and zodiac signs, go to Mark Dodich's website, www.astromark.us

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Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations worldwide since 1980. He specializes in 1) Relocation Astrology to help you find your best locations on planet earth, and 2) Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology for spiritual purpose in this incarnation (based upon the work of Alice Bailey books and Djwahl Kuhl. Mark is regularly seen in the media in publications such as New Connexions Journal.