Having a photographic memory is not something you can actually be born with. Some of us have a photographic memory and some of us do not. This is where the basis of evolution and generation genetic information come into play and the strength of our memories are dependent on these and maybe several other factors. But of course, there is no limit to this fact, as we can gain a photographic memory or something very close to it without too much of a struggle.

Yes, there are many programmes out there that help you to gain a photographic memory, but before you whip out your credit card and purchase a DVD or audio tape, you need to try your hand at some simple memory exercises you can do on your own in the comfort of where ever you are right now to improve your memory and give you an almost perfect one. Before all this, let us look at the causes of memory loss, and there are many things to dissect and bring across to the table. As the memory capacity of one person differs as you go from individual to individual, the different factors that do cause memory loss will have different degrees of effect, but they effect them nonetheless. One of these is hypertension.

Another is excessive alcoholism, which contributes to the brain cell deaths that would already be naturally occurring within the cortex and the neurons of the brain. People with thyroid problems would also be prone to memory loss as those who are prone to depression and emotional problems. One of the biggest and most common contributing factor of memory loss is stress, and all of us, at any one point of our lives, would feel the heavy hand of stress upon our backs and our minds, so we need to be wary.

Now, we can discuss some of the memory exercises you can perform in your free time so that your memory will improve as time goes by. One of them is mental focus, and this can be achieved by breathing exercises that allow you to reduce the heartbeat and focus the mind. Once you are able to achieve this on a daily basis, your memory and thought processes will improve. Yoga is a good way to do this.

The other way is called repetition, in which you repeat some of the things that you are most prone to forget to yourself and you increase this list on a daily basis. Another thing you can do is associations. Making mental associations and imagery to the aspects of your life that you always forget can be some of the mental exercises that will release your memory from the trenches of forgetfulness and give you a much more photographic memory. These are some of the mental exercises you can do which might give you the solution to a photographic memory. Practice them every day and you might find yourself at the top of the memory game in no time at all.

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