ABC Television’s, The View, featuring Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar, recently had Dr. Nancy Snyderman on to talk about her book, “Medical Myths that can Kill You,” in which Dr. Snyderman reveals a number of popular misconceptions among the general public – and even among doctors – that could lead to misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and serious problems that Dr. Snyderman says could just as easily be avoided. This is just another reminder that we shouldn’t necessarily accept things as they are because that’s how they’ve always been – especially where modern medicine and our health is concerned.

Dr. Synderman also shared information about what she considered to be often overlooked threats to our health. Regularly eating charred meat, for instance, could increase your odds of getting cancer; and, mosquitoes, says Dr. Snyderman, are the most deadly animal on the planet – spreading malaria and West Nile virus, among other blood-borne diseases. There is no doubt that we need to be thinking more positively about our health and our environment; each of us would do well to learn more about “what fruit is good and what fruit is not.” But giving up this responsibility – the responsibility to learn about your own health and well-being – to someone else is not necessarily a “good thing.” As Dr. Snyderman points out, many of those experts we trust, with a responsibility that is truly our own, are responding to myths and not reality.

Science and medicine are forever seeing a bit more clearly than they did before; and, when they do, they are quick to proclaim how brilliant they are for discovering this, or inventing that – and how primitive those people were who used such ancient technologies as they did. Their arrogance keeps them from seeing the reality that they too will one day be laughed at for their childish beliefs and ridiculously crude technologies. If you understood that, one day, the techniques your doctor is currently using – including the prescriptions you are taking – will all be considered dangerous or useless, would you thoughtlessly go along with every piece of medical advice or advertising you heard? History has shown that this is likely to be the case; especially since modern medicine is currently one of the leading killers of Americans, and physicians are already writing books about the evils of pharmaceuticals and the absurdities of some of the myths and treatment protocols our doctors are currently using.

I highly recommend buying and reading Dr. Snyderman’s book, and any other book written by any doctor that isn’t saying the things they memorized in medical school. When 4-out-of-5 experts agree, you need to find expert number-five; that’s the doctor who heard and read all the same stuff the others did, and then went out and found something else to be true. Enlightenment is not common; you will not find it among 4-out-of-5 of any group. Choose the narrow path; it may be more frightening at first, but peace and health will find those who do not follow the masses down the wide path – the path of fears, myths, worries, superstitions, illness, and disease. Educate yourself, do your own research, and take responsibility for you own health; the life you save could be your own.

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