I am going to tell you a true story and this is how I know we will get to the place we have never left.
About 27 years ago I was traveling home in my car. PICTURE THIS: I am on a 4 laned road, (2 lanes going one way and 2 the otherway) driving behind a bus. I decided to pass the bus and as I was about half way
passing it, it pulled over in front of me, cutting me off. I had no
where to go, either forward of back, so I went onto the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic. There was a parked car, and a semitrailer coming straight for me.I couldn't get out of the way because the bus had cut me off, so I closed my eyes for a few seconds and just surrendered to my fate. When I opened my eyes I had passed the bus and was OK. I looked back in amazement and realised that the bus had cut me off because because it was passing a parked car at the same time I was passing it.
So this is the scenario......There was a parked car, a bus, me, a
semitrailer and another packed car on the opposite side of the road.
That is 5 vehicles all lined up on a four laned road -no room.
At the time I just dismissed this occurrence as being very weird,
however the next day, when I was driving back to work, I turned on the radio and a woman who had been on the bus the previous day had witnessed the event and had phoned the local radio station to tell her story. She said that she saw a woman in a car, and described the car and me, drive straight through a semitrailer and come out the other side unharmed.The guy at the radio station said did you get her number plate, and she replied, I was in shock, she disappeared straight
through a truck and came out the other side unharmed and you expect me to write down her number plate!
I was gob smacked but I couldn't rationalize this, so I put the event in the back of my mind.
Years later when I learnt the SVH work it all came back to me. This explained why it all happened:
I have, in the future, got to the point where I can bi-locate,
teleport, close death doors etc and obviously rolled this back
throughout my life.
Because the past, present, future exist simultaneously, we have
already reached completion of our mastery, yet we are still playing out masters in remembering this fact.

The reason we play out the journey is so that we may experience our knowing, otherwise what we already know is just a concept. To really know something one must experience it's opposite. Example: How can we know what love is, unless we experience it's opposite - fear.
Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique reprograms our cellular memory/DNA, by utilizing a technique called Quantum Level Reprogramming. Although there are many probabilities that can shape out future, depending on the choices we make, we can learn to access a variety of potential paths frrom the future and bring these evolutionary changes back to now time. The mind shapes or creates everything it perceives and by doing this, we can create our life's journey in every moment. This story is one of many experiences I have had in my life. It has been an exciting journey so far and will continue to be, as my journey plays out.

Sharon Ellis

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