It is that time of year again when your mind can look back at yet another year and see how you have fared in the creation of your life. Are you happy with what you see? Have you created the life you really want to be living or not? The life you have right now is the one you intend to live. Oh yes, it is true that you do not control other human beings so if you are completely dependent on some One person, you may be completely disappointed if that one does not do as you wish. Your choice in that matter is that you believe your happiness is dependent on controlling someone else in that case.

But we are not really discussing making a resolution that concerns controlling others unless you are determined to lose control of your life. It is really only you that you can attempt to change, to alter, to improve in this life and for that effort you may have even have trouble. To create a good resolution for the New Year you can begin by thinking about setting a real intention. What makes the difference will be where you are willing to put your energy and why you are placing energy in that direction.

How many times have you heard of or made resolutions that fail? “I am going to the gym every morning,” becomes a distant dream after a week or two of relapsing in a later sleep every morning. How does a resolution like this one fail as an intention? Start with a list of goals you would like to make. Write them down quickly. Then look at the reason why you want to have them. The gym often fails because people want to go due to self hatred. They hate the way they look. The hateful reason can become the lack of intention. You can go to the gym to be good to yourself, because you love yourself and want to show more love for yourself. How would the trip to the gym now differ both in your ability to get there and in your ability to enjoy yourself in that activity? Maybe you do not get enough sleep to get up earlier for the gym? Look at your self love and love of the world in your intentions.

Look at all your reasons for all your resolutions. Look at all the reasons that you have not been able to put your energy and effort toward creating these goals in your life already. If they are on your list, then you have not been able to manifest them yet. Find the reason for your failure. Once you find the failure, you can find your hidden energy and effort for manifesting. Or you can throw that resolution in the trash because you do not really want it and it is not serving you in some way. A want may not be a good intention. For finding good intentions, quiet your mind and visit your heart and your higher power. Humans have a bad habit of overestimating the happiness they will achieve from material gain and underestimating the happiness they already possess. What intentions will bring you and your world the life of your dreams?

Meditation: Half close your eyes. Breathe with a slow inhale and a slow exhale. Imagine that you are sitting on a cloud in heaven. Across from you is a person appearing to be an angelic form of yourself. Imagine that this is the best of you, the part of you that is one with God. Ask your higher self, “Where should I be placing my energy in life. What should be on a list of intentions for this year? Breathe slowly as you listen. Now, open your eyes and write your intentions. May all your resolutions be intentions for peace within and may you be a peacemaker.

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