“One for my baby, and one more for”….

An overly stressed co-worker! There was a time when she would often jokingly announce that she didn’t care if she got fired; she’d then just stay home, claim unemployment, watch television, and eat bonbons!

Unfortunately, the fact that she had a house, a car, three kids, a dog and a propensity to eat precluded any such grandiose ambitions. As a result, disenchanted and sometimes sullen, she’d set about doing each day’s tasks. Her message, though short-sighted, was that away from the office the living would be easy.

To her, and most likely to the majority of us, winning the lottery would quite nicely pre-empt the need to work.

But imagine what you would do. How would your life change? Would you change your lifestyle? If you had no previous inclination to clean the house, how would having money now make you want to wrestle with the Dust-Buster?

If you eat bonbons regularly what happens?

Sooner or later the edge of the zipper on the left side of the pants won’t meet the edge of the zipper on the right side no matter how hard you tug; or push on or suck in your stomach; the shirt unintentionally stops two inches short of the waistband, (sometimes that’s just ewwww!), and the scale groans. Loudly!

As Solopreneurs, or Independent Contractors if you will, our job is to provide some element of support (depending upon our expertise) to our clients.

When we are somewhat lethargic or otherwise disengaged from our health and well-being, our thought processes and productivity are more apt to provide less than stellar guidance and service. And if “we lower our body’s food store, we are less likely to seek out everyday challenges”.1 Sedentary begets sedentary. Our businesses suffer!

You can have your bonbon and eat it, too!

Start each day with the routine of eating breakfast, one that is filling and nutritious, and vitamin-enriched. Fruit, milk, whole grain cereal or bread, and a smattering of protein thrown in all kick up your metabolism. You’ll be more eager to face the day and physical activity.

Mary L. Gavin, MD, reviewed an article June 2004,”Why Exercise Is Cool” at Kid’s Health, http://kidshealth.org/kid/exercise/fit/work_it_out.html.1 The article, originally reviewed by Heidi Kecskernethy, RD, CSP, states in part, “exercise makes your heart happy, makes you flexible, helps keep the balance, and makes you feel good.”

In a nutshell, “when you workout on a regular basis, your heart will get even better at its main job of delivering oxygen to the body. Using your muscles to do powerful things, such as push-ups, can make them stronger.”

This “new” and “cool” movement can be done in various ways according to your own expertise; Ricky Martin best described it several years ago when he performed and sang, “Shake your bonbon!”

Also, as stated in the article, “Being flexible is having a ‘full range of motion,’ which means you can move your arms and legs freely without feeling tightness or pain.”

To repeat, “Shake your bonbon!”

More from the article, “Food gives your body fuel in the form of calories, which are a kind of energy. Your body needs a certain amount of calories every day just to function, breathe, walk around, and do all the basic stuff. But if you're active, your body needs an extra measure of calories or energy.”

See? “Shake your bonbon!”

Again the article, “It feels good to have a strong, flexible body that can do all the activities you enjoy. Exercising can actually put you in a better mood. When you exercise, your brain releases a chemical called ‘endorphins’, which may make you feel happier.”

In the end then, for your body and your whole well-being, not just your ‘end’, “Shake your bonbon!”

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