Do you want to learn more about using the Law of Attraction to magnetize your desires? There is nothing more rewarding than watching your desires begin to manifest around you in your daily life. Beginning a daily magnetizing routine will assist you in bringing your desires into being more consistently.

First, get a sheet of paper and divide it into four quadrants. Label the top left "Big - Urgent", the top right "Big - Soon", the bottom left "Small - Urgent" and the bottom right "Small - Soon". Now you want to begin making a list of all of your most pressing desires, putting them in the right box. "Big" and "Small" refer to the difficulty of the manifestation according to your expectations. So you would probably think of manifesting a new car or a new house as a "Big" item, and manifesting an iPod or a television as a "Small" item.

The "Urgent" column is for things that cause you worry. If you desperately need $500 in three days to pay your electric bill, that would be a "Small" and "Urgent" matter. If you want to manifest a million dollars for a luxurious lifestyle, that would be a "Big", "Soon" matter. Don't put anything in "Urgent" that isn't truly urgent.

When you finish, you will likely find that you have a small number of items in the "Big - Urgent" column and a slightly bigger list in the "Small - Urgent" column. The other two columns probably have quite a number of items listed.

What you need to do is begin working on the urgent items first, and then pick one or two of the non-urgent items to work on as well. There will always be something urgent, but you still need to put in a little effort on the others so that you can bring them into being. When you do your visualization work, put as much energy and emotion into the urgent items as possible, starting with the largest and working down to the smallest. Use the energy left over from those to put into your non-urgent items. That way you get to use some of the raw emotion from your urgent needs to channel into your less urgent (and therefore more difficult to charge with energy) desires.

Keep that list and work on it a little every day. When something is manifested, cross it off of your list. Revise your list about once every month, or even once every two weeks once you become good at attracting your desires. Good luck and happy manifesting!

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