The Gospels record forty-one distinct healings(Miracles)as well as others that are mentioned generally. Christ, who endured the Cross for the Joy that was set before Him understands pain. He walks with Christians through their painful hours (Ps 9:9-10). But He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). In (Luke 7:11-17) Jesus raises a widow’s son from the dead. God is a Miracle-giver and a Miracle-worker. In healing of the nobleman’s son, who was at the point of death, Jesus had compassion on the parents and both sons and each was given miraculous healing. To be more precise, the healings were a visible sign of the compassion that characterized His ministry. The Word of God declares that ‘nothing is impossible with God’.

In general terms according to Unger’s Bible Dictionary “Miracles” may be defined as supernatural manifestations of divine power in the external world, in themselves special revelations of the presence and power of God; Miracles are also called wonders, signs or powers being used in connection to bring out the deeper meaning. As “wonders” miracles are not of the ordinary course of events. They produce astonishment and probability. Miracles are also powers translated “mighty work,” “wonderful works” miracles. As such they are manifestations of the power of God. They are wrought by “the spirit of God.” In them is seen “the finger of God.” But a Miracle is not only wonderful, they are special acts of omnipotent power, and therefore have special impressiveness. They declare the supremacy and perfect freedom of God even in the natural world. They are also signs of special grace and mercy from God. He is infinite.
Miracle defined in the Reader’s Digest ABC’s of the Bible is the English word miracle comes from the Latin noun miraculum, meaning a “wonder”. The verb form of this noun means to be astonished, which is the human response to a remarkable, inexplicable event such as a miracle. The fourth-century theologian Augustine defined a miracle as something “above the hope and power of them who wonder.”

Both the Old and New Testament use terms like “works and mighty acts (Deut.3:24)” and mighty works (MK. 6:2)” to describe miracles. Frequently, the compound phrase “signs and wonders” (Ex. 7:3; Acts 4:30)” is used to convey the idea of a portent, symbol, or sign of some greater reality and truth. The Gospel of John regularly calls the miracles of Jesus “signs.” (John. 2:11).”
Today the word miracle describes an occurrence that contradicts scientific laws, but the Bible does not regard a miracle in this way. In the Bible, a miracle refers to a startling, extraordinary, or totally unexpected event in which believers see the hand and special power of God at work in the world.
God who is all-seeing and all- knowing, infuses everything, everywhere, with a sense of wonder and the miraculousness. People today often think of miracles as events that absolutely defy the rule or laws of nature. But a miracle occurs when God intervenes and alters the course of nature. In a sense the entire world is stupefying, and each episode from the least to the most significant shows the power of God. The miracles recounted in the scriptures were not considered violations of natural laws. But rather signs that revealed God’s ever-present sovereignty. Usually God’s power stays hidden, remaining behind the scenes, but sometimes, in extraordinary moments, he emerges suddenly and dramatically, evoking both trepidation and awe.

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Lorene Hall is an author, Evangelist and Prophetess. She has composed her first book “Hallelujah! It’s A Mother’s Miracle". A must read literary piece which has received stupendous reviews. In her book, the author enlightens us with her journey to a steadfast and unmovable faith by recalling the triumphant miracle of God’s gift, her son! This book is an amazing story about her oldest son who was given 5hrs to live 39 years ago. He developed a dreaded illness called Hydrocephaly, which is water on the brain. Website www.lorenehall.org

She is an Evangelist, at Herald of His Coming COGIC Norfolk VA Pastor Dr. Ronald A. Sewell, First Lady Evangelist Alberta M. Sewell.
She is a traveling Evangelist, who is ardently committed to the Great Commission: Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.