Gratitude comes not from circumstances, but from within. It's a decision and a choice. I have chosen one quotation that is relative to gratitude for each day of the month and a spiritual exercise for you to practice. Remember, “Practice makes permanent.” I'd like to share with you for 30 days, quotes and spiritual exercises for you to practice so that you can begin to receive all the blessings that have been stored for you for so long.

A spiritual exercise promotes movement of the inner consciousness and is simply to open a channel between yourself and Divine spirit. Journaling is an exercise. You may want to keep a daily journal to write your feelings about the daily quote then contemplate on that throughout your day and become consciously aware of what happens for you and how you can bring happiness to what you'll be doing. When you begin practicing the exercises, Divine Spirit enters and you become more independent, thoughtful, self-motivated. It will allow you, if you allow IT, to move toward taking that first step toward discipline and self-mastery.

"Divine Spirit often begins working for our welfare after we have made some small effort first." The love and protection of Spirit surrounds you at all times but must be accepted with a loving heart." A person who lives in the moment is always looking for the potential of whatever that moment may bring. Always! Minute by minute by minute, just keep holding on.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Enjoy every moment of this day. Go beyonf belief and know that you are loved beyond measure.

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