When you realize that you really want to have an impact in this world, to make a difference, remember that it is in each moment that you are alive and in the present. When you are too busy worrying about what you don’t have, what you have to do, where you’ve been, and what you don’t have, you’re not in the present; you’re consumed by the past you can’t change and the future that has yet to happen. There is no impact in either place.

The impact is here and now. Stop, check in, and connect in relationship with those around you. Be present, make the impact with those you see in your life today. Your future will unfold more powerfully and profoundly than you could ever imagine when you focus on the right things; relationships, people, love and community.

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One Man Can: I love people and I love humanity. Often distracted by the binds of civilization, progress, and society, I observe and come to understand many things about the human experience. I am unable to escape this intense interest that I have. To avoid sudden explosions my writing has become an outlet to share the myriad of human experiences. Contradiction is the reality. Perspectives are the gates. Balance is the key.