“Where do you believe you are limiting yourself?” This is a question we continuously ask our clients. The reflection of the question will lead to the discovery and exploration of your “Limiting Beliefs” and can serve you whether to: overcome the fear of making a decision, recapture the passion/energy in your business, target that niche market, change careers or finally bring that vision to fruition and start a new company. However, everyday, there are ways in which we limit ourselves from making these things and others happen both in our professional and personal lives.

Some examples are more “concrete, more easily identified” such as the belief that “you are the only person who is able to do things up to standard.” This limiting belief may cause a person to not hire an additional person to support the growth of the business. As a result, the business cannot satisfy the growth of its clients. Another example is the limiting belief that technology is an expense and not an investment. Often times in certain businesses, the lack of investment in new and better technology will limit their ability to compete in the marketplace, to be productive and profitable. Ultimately new opportunities may be lost and the financial security of the company is challenged. These reasons for such limitations can often be addressed and rectified rather quickly.

So, what exactly are beliefs? “Beliefs are a set of generalizations we make about others, life in general and ourselves. They are not facts, though we act as if they were fact. Beliefs form our version of reality based on what we feel and perceive about our experiences. There is never any hard evidence to support these feelings. However, we build the results of our experiences into beliefs that become a set of rules by which we conduct ourselves. For example, if a person believes that they are not intelligent, that others are more highly educated or have more value to add to discussions, they may be much less apt to put themselves in front of clients, prospects, networking environments etc. If however, they feel confident, believe they have value to add, are passionate about their business/other activities, they would be less apt to avoid situations to be in front of others & share their experiences.

What about “Limiting Beliefs?” They are beliefs as well but they are “subconscious obstacles” that block us from forward movement and unconsciously sabotage our own success.” We sometimes refer to them as our client’s ‘Gremlin(s); that inner voice that abhors change, tells you that something is too risky and/or that you are not ready.

The Gremlin is always there to point out your weaknesses, your fears, your failures and to reinforce your self-limiting judgments. Remember, if you ask yourself the question, “Where do I believe I limit myself?” the reflection will lead to the discovery and exploration of your “limiting beliefs.” This awareness may bring about unlimited beliefs!

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Serial entrepreneur Richard Magid is a certified facilitator, business coach and president of Boonton, NJ-based SoundBoard Consulting Group, LLC. Through services and programs that support personal, professional and organizational growth, SoundBoard helps its clients define, develop and apply the skills necessary for building stronger, more profitable businesses and achieving greater personal success. To contact Richard Magid please call (973) 334-6222 ext. 102 or email richard@soundboardconsulting.com.