I'm writing you right now from the land of sharp-shooters and high rollers.

It's the place where people go for a splash of flash and to live out their dreams of glamour and luxury.

Las Vegas!

I'll be here for several days attending the Internet Marketing Super Conference.

The real reason I'm writing though is because one of my clients just reminded me of an important Law of Attraction secret.

You see, he's aware that the Law of Attraction magnetized him toward me so I could help him realize his dreams.

Terry works HARD for his paychecks...

Like so many people do.

TOO Hard.

Terry knows that - which is why he 'allowed' the Law of Attraction to move him more into my world, or my sphere of being.

Awesome, Terry. I wish so many more people would 'allow' themselves to be moved toward success the way you are just starting to.

We do, but then something happens - something changes - we allow something to regain control of our thoughts, our feelings,
and our actions...


Fear and doubt are why you don't quickly and easily move toward massive success. Example:

'I didn't hear back from Keith for several hours. He must be a con artist and trying to rip me off.'

Listen up because understanding this Law of Attraction Secret is going to help move you forward in a BIG way:

You're probably having some success in recognizing the Law of Attraction working in your life. You may even be able at this point to make certain very positive choices and decisions about your life.

I can feel that many people reading this ARE working with the Law of Attraction.

That's just AWESOME. You are amazingly special to be able to do that.


The next level is to commit to and practice doing this:

"Allow the Law of Attraction to continue moving you toward your dreams. Don't pull up short because of those fears and doubts that nag at you."

Focus on the prize and on nothing else.

Please read that again.

Focus on the prize and on nothing else.

There isn't any place for doubt to remain in your heart when you commit to looking at only Limitless Wealth and Success.

Have a POWERFUL Day.

I know that you are an awesome person, capable of atracting special things into your life. So let's do it!

Accelerating Your Success,


Author's Bio: 

Keith Matthew has been teaching personal development and wealth building techniques for 18 years. Visit http://www.selfmasterysecrets.com/ns-freeworkshop.html to sign up for his powerful Free 7-Day Success Workshop and receive audio downloads and surprise bonus gifts too!

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