Attractiveness has much less to do with beauty than you might think. After all, wouldn’t you rather be around a nice person than a pretty person that treated you poorly? “Love” and all its attributes – kindness, compassion, faith, gratitude, joy, etc – is the only truly attractive force; and, interestingly, the more love you give, the more attractive you become – and the more you receive. When your thoughts are grounded in Love, faith, trust, courage, and gratitude, you are a constant attractor; and you get more and more of what you want – and less of what you don’t want.

While it is true that you must form a mental image of your desires in your mind in order to attract them; it is also true that your thoughts must generate, or stimulate, feelings and emotions within you that create an “attractive” field, aura, or “energy,” around you. In other words, your thoughts should give off “good vibes.” An example of someone giving-off “bad vibes” might be a person who says, “I was afraid that might happen,” or, “There’s no hope! All is lost…;” while the person giving-off “good vibes” will inspire faith and positive action. “Good vibes,” by the way, are attractive; “bad vibes” are not.

You can certainly get some of the things you think you want by being dishonest or immoral; but, ultimately, what we all seek is peace – and that begins with peace of mind. Attractive people are much closer to peace of mind than those who have not yet managed to control or produce the thoughts required to generate a positive emotional state. Here are some traits, skills, or characteristics shared by most “attractive” people:

• Attentiveness
• Kindness
• Compassion
• Generosity
• Willingness
• Trust
• Courage
• Joy

There are definite physical benefits of maintaining a positive emotional state – less stress, better health, and more energy, for starters. Though physical appearance is not on this list, the person who possesses these attributes will be seen by most other people as being attractive; and, people will naturally want to be around this person. Associations, connections, and proximity to opportunities are just some of the benefits of developing an attractive attitude and personality; peace, joy, and satisfaction from those opportunities, meetings, and relationships, are just a few other obvious benefits of becoming an “attractive” person.

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