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Value-Adding also known as “adding value” is self-explanatory and a great concept often used in business. Value adding is to take something and increase its value by adding more physical and intellectual inputs to it, so that the end product is more valuable than its original form. Quite often value-adding refers to raw materials to be transformed into usable consumer products. However, value-adding is a continuous process. It can be done at any stage of the product life cycle through research and development. Its application is more profound in manufacturing and retail sectors. You can value add to a product with an added service and vice versa. You can value add to both of these through additional specialist skill and innovation.

Let me give you some examples to explain the concept:

1] In a car making plant, several different parts made of steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber are taken and intelligently assembled together to produce a car.

2] A farmer ploughs the ground, sows the seed and adds in fertilizer and water and the end-product is more valuable.

3]. A builder takes land, bricks, cement, steel, timber and puts in his skills, well-designed plan and labor and creates a beautiful home. In all these cases, the end-product is more valuable than the inputs taken independently.

In PERSONAL SUCCESS, you need to constantly “VALUE-ADD” to your assets /resources to enhance their value and to produce a better product / outcome. If you set out to achieving a worthy goal, you need to take stock of your ASSETS and VALUE-ADD to them to ensure your success.

The top ranking asset in your list is none but YOU. Each day when you get up you should ask yourself “How can I value-add to myself, my family, my associates, my customers, my suppliers, my resources and my assets today?” More you value add to yourself you simply become “MORE VALUABLE”. The same applies to those who are connected to you including your assets.

As you move ahead on the success path, you would notice that you are supported by several “success rings” such as your immediate family, your associates, your customers and your suppliers and so on. All these rings are connected and would affect each other. Just as a sculptor takes a piece of wood and constantly keeps on molding it until he sees the perfect shape in it, you need to constantly value-add to yourself, your people and your resources to make sure you reach your desired goals. Value-adding is a continuous process.

When you are aiming for Personal Success or you have a Project ahead of you to finish at a specific time, you need to be clear about your resources [physical and people] and assets you are going to employ to reach your goals. You need to value add to each of these to provide sufficient energy, enthusiasm, skill and innovation and inputs required to achieve your goals. Whenever you realize that you are unable to reach your goals at periodic intervals, you need to verify if any of your assets need value-adding and take immediate action. For example, your physical and mental energy and stamina are crucial in achieving your Personal Success. One complete chapter is dedicated to this in my book.

You need time, discipline and enthusiasm in order to value to add to yourself, your people and your other assets. I have included a section each on Discipline, Enthusiasm and Time Management.

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Daniel M. Kolapudi [Dr.]
Ph.D., M.B.A.

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