Have you ever had an uneasy feeling in your gut about something you were going to do? It just didn't feel right to you. A nagging voice in the back of your brain kept telling you that something wasn't quite right.

If you went ahead and took that action, what was the result? Did you realize after the fact that you should have listened to that small voice? I think we've all had that experience.

As a person grows up they are encouraged and taught to make decisions. Most of that teaching includes using reasoning and logic to make "sound" choices. About half of the world population embraces that concept with gusto because their natural personality preference is to use mostly thinking in making their decisions.

That preference for thinking is used so intensely that it becomes a very powerful competency used to the exclusion of other decision indicators. How do I know?

I was one of those reason-driven, thinking, decision makers. Don't get me wrong. Reasoning and thinking are valuable and essential in business, work, and life but should not be exclusive.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we think about, we bring about or that whatever we focus on expands. The teachers of the Law of Attraction, and there are thousands of them throughout history, implore us to pay attention to our feelings. They say that our feelings tell us what is right and good for us and what is not right or good.

Feelings of gratitude, love, caring, encouragement, enthusiasm, and well-being then can be associated with what is good for us.

Feelings of fear, hate, defensiveness, persecution, unease, repression, and other similar feelings can be associated with what is not good for us. Paying attention to our feelings can guide us in our thinking and activities if we notice how we feel and let them guide us.

For those of you that are hard charging, reason driven, thinking individuals, I'm here to tell you that I've learned differently. Yes, reason and logic have value so use them.

However, listen to your gut feeling, that strong intuition, or feeling you have about what you are deciding and doing. Tune into those indicators for they have much value to add in guiding you in making your decisions and engaging in work and life.

Your decision making and life will be greatly enhanced by listening and seriously considering these inputs into living. Ignore them and you will be severely crippled in manifesting the happiness, joy, and work / life you desire.

Listen to that quiet voice and feel your way to greater success.

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