Here are some little known facts about Valentines Day:

1. Nationwide, 6,000 couples will tie the knot on Valentine’s Day 2009. Even when that date does not fall upon a Saturday, February 14th is consistently one of the most popular days of the year to wed.

2. 255,000 other couples will become engaged for Cupid’s favorite holiday. No wonder that date is beloved by greeting card shops, romantic restaurants and diamond jewelers.

3. Yet (and here’s the sobering part) based on current trends, 118,000 of this years Valentine-launched unions will be dissolved via divorce by Valentine’s Day 2015!

Does all that mean the odds are stacked against lasting love and long-term marriage? That even the most romantic love-birds should anticipate break-up and disappointment in a few years? That there is little hope for the thousands of couples celebrating Valentine proposals and nuptials (or unions that begin on any other date) this year?

Not at all! You and your sweetheart CAN overcome the statistics, avoid break-ups, steer clear of divorce, and take simple steps that keep Valentine love flourishing forever,whether you’re newly dating, newly betrothed, newlywed or not-so-newly paired up. Use the following information to avoid a possible Valentines Day Massacre!

Start by recognizing that fewer people are getting married than ever. Our nation’s rate of marriage has dropped 50% in the last 40 years. In fact, for the first time in United States history, more of us are single than married! That can certainly affect our marriage numbers and success rate. But don’t despair.

Next, make sure that yours is a “Built-to-Last” relationship by treating your marriage like a business. Think about it, the top objective of any business is long-term success. You can apply the same proven business strategies that make for a successful business to create a successful marriage, Built-to-Last!

To keep love alive, you’ll want to:

1. Develop a love logo which becomes the distinctive brand for your one-of-a-kind relationship as you find and create an image that reminds you how great your marriage is just like a corporate logo reminds you of what it stands for.

2. Write his and her job descriptions. Know what it expected of each party to make this marriage business WORK. Start by pinpointing each partners chores and responsibilities around the house. Don’t risk losing that loving feeling over simple things like who takes out the trash or who walks the dog.

3. Give each other timely Performance Appraisals based on how well each of you is doing with your job descriptions. Be prepared to make recommendations and garner praise. Love blossoms when you’re working in cooperation for success.

4. Expect an emotional paycheck in the marriage. Learn how and when to ask for the raise you deserve; like more hugs, compliments or flowers.

5. Meet frequently for couples strategy sessions, brainstorming, and problem-solving and romantic retreats. These meetings represent ideal opportunities to define and re-evaluate the relationship, and to renew and refresh your bond.

Anyone can apply this business relationship model to strengthen a budding romance to help get a new marriage off to a good start OR to validate and fortify a relationship that has already lasted for decades. Love IS a business! A wonderful business you’ll want to reinforce and sustain for a lifetime!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. John Curtis is an organizational consultant, researcher, trainer and author. His popular books include Marriage Built to Last and Happily Un-married: Living Together & Loving It! at Contact or 828-246-0459 (NC).