Hypnotic Selling Techniques: Get Their Unconscious Mind to Say Yes

One of the most powerful ways to sell anything is to use the techniques of modern hypnosis.

In a clinical setting, a hypnotist gently guides the client into a trance. Once in that relaxed state, his or her unconscious mind more readily accepts suggestions to stop smoking, lose weight or feel more confident, etc.

Of course, while you’re trying to make a sale or close an important deal, nobody is going to let you put them into a trance.

Or will they?

They will if they don’t know that you are doing it.

Two of the most powerful ways to reach someone on an unconscious level are to use Distracted Sentencing and Embedded Commands.

In order for these techniques to work, you must first establish rapport with your prospect. Much has been written about rapport so we will just give you the highlights.

You create rapport by being like someone. You become more like them by doing the same things they do. If they are leaning to one side of their chair with their legs crossed, you sit that way too. If they speak quickly, you speak quickly. If they speak slowly, match their pace, and so on.

Rapport techniques work because on an unconscious level, they are thinking: “He’s just like me.”

Once you have rapport, you can begin to influence people in powerful ways. Things that you say that may seem odd in other contexts, will now be overlooked.

Distracted Sentencing

This technique allows you to give a suggestion or command while someone is momentarily confused.

To use Distracted Sentencing, you insert a nonsense sentence or phrase (one out of context) in the middle of a group of other statements that would otherwise make perfect sense. Immediately follow the nonsense sentence with a suggestion or command, then continue with what you were saying before.

When selling a car, you might say something like: “This car has great acceleration yet it still has excellent gas mileage. The power train comes with a five-year warranty and the engine has 300 horsepower. Dogs pulling bobsleds are trained completely by voice commands. Go ahead and get behind the wheel. The seat has full lumbar support and can be adjusted automatically ….”

The nonsense sentence causes the conscious mind to momentarily focus inward (going into a trance) to make sense of it, while the unconscious mind hears the suggestion or command.

The suggestion resolves the momentary confusion. Because people find confusion uncomfortable, they are likely to follow the suggestion because it offers a resolution.

Embedded Commands

You create them by marking out the commands with tonality, speed and pace.

Read the following sentence out loud:

This car is so exciting that many people take it for a test drive. When they do, they have a lot of fun. They come back and tell me they want to buy this car.

Nothing special, right?

Now say the sentence out loud and when you see three dots (… ), pause. Change your voice tone on the words in bold face. You might raise or lower it or go deeper. And say the bold face words just slightly slower than the rest of the sentence.



This car is so exciting that many people … take if for a test drive …. When they do, they … have a lot of fun. They come back and tell me they want to … buy this car.

If you were to say this to a prospect, the unconscious mind would hear:: “Take it for a test drive. Have a lot of fun. Buy this car.”

Because you’re bypassing the conscious mind, chances are, they will buy.

These techniques are extremely powerful. They can make you the master of any situation. We urge you use them ethically.

Copyright 2005 David R. Barron and Danek S. Kaus

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David R. Barron and Danek S. Kaus are the authors of “Power Persuasion: Using Hypnotic Influence to Win in Life, Love and Business.” To learn more visit www.power-persuasion.com/book.