If you have ever been caught up in office politics, or subject to office gossip, you know the feeling of having your boundaries tested.

Especially in the workplace, it is wise to learn ways to maintain your own personal boundaries in order to minimize stress on the job. Here are 10:

1. Try to stay clear of gossip What you say usually comes back to haunt you, so just politely duck out if you find yourself in the middle of it.

2. Keep your work clothes separate from your leisure clothes This helps keep your mind set separate.

3. PDA, a No, No! If you date someone at the office, PLEASE keep it out of the office.

4. Make outside plans off the clock Go out and have a great time with co-workers. Just make sure to plan it during lunch breaks or after your scheduled hours.

5. When out with coworkers, try not to talk about work, especially if you’ve been drinking! It usually isn’t pretty.

6. Say what you mean, and mean what you say If it isn’t nice, just remember you’ll pay!

7. Route personal calls to your cell Let the voice mail pick it up and call back later.

8. Watch what you say in emails Everything is traceable online!

9. Appropriate web-surfing Enough said!

10. Don’t come in on an off day! Your personal time is yours. Keep it that way.

Remember that maintaining healthy boundaries is an art form and takes a certain amount of soul-searching, skill and practice. If you find yourself compromising your boundaries on a regular basis though, maybe it's about time to find a coach to assist you.

Author's Bio: 

Ray Kadkhodaian, MA, CAC, is a Certified Coach and Counselor at The Lighthouse Consulting Services of IL., which is one of the leading personal and professional development companies located in Chicago. Ray coaches clients internationally, specializing in working with successful men, helping them achieve their dreams both in their marriages, families, and careers. Ray also works closely with his wife, Jean, in assisting couples develop successful and loving relationships together. You can contact him via the website at http://www.lighthouseofillinois.com