I am sure the nurses at Muskogee Regional Medical Center must have thought I was a “first-time father”, an inexperienced rookie dad, because I stood outside the hospital nursery, peering through the window at my newly born baby girl (Haylee) for more than an hour. In fact, one nurse came out to let me know that is normal for newborn babies to cry, and that the nurses were letting her cry for her own good. “Crying clears the lungs of unwanted mucus”, she told me. I thought all mucus was unwanted, but I didn’t tell her that.

I figured they assumed I was just a worried, scared, overwhelmed new parent. Or maybe they thought I did not trust them to do their job. But I did trust them. And I was not just a worrying father. Haylee was my third, and last, child (so I thought at the time). And because I thought she would be the last, I didn’t want to miss even a moment. So I stood there, just taking it all in…basking in a moment that is simply too pure for words to describe.

And that is when it hit me! In the same way that I stood in awe of God’s most recent creation, in the same way that I stood silent just taking it all in, God longs for us to stand in awe of Him. He wants our worship of Him not to be taken lightly. He wants us to realize what we have: a Mighty and majestic God Who is big enough to handle our greatest needs, yet is close enough to hear our softest cries. James 4:8 instructs us, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

God is ready for us to come to Him in worship so He can pour out blessings that exceed our wildest dreams. He is waiting for us to draw close. And just like that young father peering through the glass at his newborn baby, God can hardly wait to hold us in His arms. After all, He treasures His time with us. And He desires that we treasure our time with Him…in worship…just taking it all in.

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