I recently listened to some debunkers and skeptics of psychics on Larry King. They were discussing the rules and regulations for what makes a psychic valid. Before I go further, since when has it become all right for someone who is not expert in my field to tell me what makes me an expert in my field? I have spent 29 years of my life understanding energy, and the unseen part of life. I typically don’t waste my time with debunkers. Occasionally I get tired of being attacked by some stranger who doesn’t “get it”, or doesn’t care enough to educate themselves to make an informed critique. They feel justified in lambasting something or someone they don’t understand because its suits the purpose of their ego.

Back to the Larry King program. One person on the panel, indicated that the information psychics offer is irrelevant and unnecessary. Further, that if a psychic were to be truly authentic and add value to the planet, why wouldn’t “they” find Osama Bin Laden?

The person who made that statement was of a particular religious faith. If this person of God really understood God, spirituality or psychics, they would know that the benefit of the work is what happens internally, not externally. It is the internal changes that manifest the external changes. A simple law of nature that has eluded this learned spiritual individual.

I suppose if I wanted to put my energy into finding missing persons, including Osama Bin Laden, I could do that. I would much rather put my energy into validating the truth of who we are as spirit and empowering people to have more authentic contributions to the planet. I’m one of these crazy people who “thinks” globally and acts locally. More over, when we become empowered to create authentically from the part of ourselves that is timeless, that is where inspiration, miracles and insight are born. Perhaps through a spiritual side effect, a metaphysician would indeed find Osama Bin Laden. How do I know? I don’t. What I do know is that it’s the marriage of authentic self to Source that empowers us individually, and globally. In this marriage is where real power takes hold.

In this ego driven culture, there are those who want to believe that “we have all the power”. These people don’t even get Awareness 101. We are co-creators, and thoughts are things. Everything is energy. Yet, the ego driven debunkers on Larry King were shouting at the top of their lungs, saying nothing of value, and demonstrating a lack of spiritual awareness in action.

Finally, is it not the responsibility of our government to find Osama Bin Laden? The government said it was their number one objective. The government has been unable to find Osama Bin Laden. Is our government invalid?

Why are psychics held to a different standard? Its because the misinformed expect us to work magic. We are fortune tellers after all right? Wrong. We’re people with some heightened awareness who have personal experience with the intangible becoming tangible. To date we do not have technology that can analyze it, break it down, and serve it up in some way, the ego driven need to see it. We can’t bring out a bible and say, “see I’m following the rules”. We are following the rules of the God of our heart. We let our conscience lead the way. In the world of the ego driven self-righteous, there is no room for conscience.

In any industry you have amazing people, and incompetent people and everything in between. The psychic industry is the same. The only way you will know if a psychic is valid is if you validate it for yourself. There is no other way. You can’t read a book, an article or anything else to make it real for yourself. You have to rely on your own heart and conscience through experience. One size (psychic) does not fit all. It is the path and the need of each individual to discover their own truth. One person may think a psychic they visited was nothing short of AMAZING. Someone else going to the same psychic will think they were TERRIBLE. That is because this is a spiritual practice. Sometimes read-ee’s are not ready to hear truth. Or the psychic interprets the information incorrectly. Or, they simply were not a match.

The message here is this: if you don’t know what you’re taking about, if you haven’t spent at least 20 years delving into metaphysics, keep your mouth shut. There’s enough noise pollution in the world already.

FYI, for the record its not my job to find Osama Bin Laden.

Author's Bio: 

Many descriptions have been written to describe childhood experiences. Phyllis’ childhood was mostly a difficult, painful and challenging existence. Within the challenges she discovered her own uniqueness that ultimately became her saving grace. Within that grace, she has been given the gift of helping others who are facing challenges. Many of the challenges Phyllis faced in childhood; average individuals do not encounter until they are adults. The complete story of Phyllis’ life and journey are chronicled in her book “A Psychic Perspective, Insights on Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness”. The main points of her history include a painful childhood, a love and learning of music, an innate sense of God/consciousness, a desire to grow into something greater.

Phyllis’ first memories of being psychic occurred around age five. She recalls waking in the night to see beings in her house. She didn’t know that it was right. or wrong, or different. No one in her family spoke about these types of occurrences, and she never mentioned it. It simply was an even that occurred. To this day, Phyllis has a unique ability to see the truth for what it is. Just the truth. There is no judgment around the truth. She says” “It is what it is”.

As life progressed, as early as age 12 she had a strong desire and motivation to learn about spirituality and the “unseen” part of life. At one point she knew she wanted to become a minister. She did realize that goal in her early 30’s.

In her late teens she had an experience of seeing a friend who had passed. She describes it as a beautiful experience. One whose impact continues to be felt to this day.

In her twenties, while on a spiritual quest, and pursuing a career as a professional singer, she had an experience of seeing many layers of an aura around a powerful teacher. From that moment seeing auras became an awareness she could enjoy. This experience changed her life permanently. It was one of the most validating, and peace inspiring moment of her young adult life. She describes it as the intangible becoming tangible. In her own words “once that occurs there simply is no turning back, as if there ever were.”

The common thread to the experiences Phyllis has had is that each experience has been coupled with a deep spiritual awakening. The two have always happened simultaneously. In her view this explains why scientists have such difficulty proving the existence of psychic phenomenon. The tangible occurs in the intangible when you elevate your energy spiritually. To gain control over your psychic awareness is a side effect of elevating yourself spiritually. To attempt to document the intangible excluding the spiritual component is a flawed experiment waiting to fail. Current technology is not advanced enough to perceive these levels in a recognizable format.

Phyllis has lived and pursued psychic phenomenon, and spirituality without pause. She has been on a constant quest to understand these levels for three decades. Although learning never ends, she believes she has some answers to some questions. It is her passion to share this information with others in search of their own truth. She has read thousands of people in 20 different countries, and expresses only gratitude for the exchanges.

Phyllis considers psychic reading to be an honor and a privilege. She views it as sacred when people give her permission to look at their secrets and hopes, their flaws and their dreams, all with the purest hope of connecting more fully with the nature and essence of who they are.

When she gives a psychic reading, she looks into the future, the past, and the present. Yet, in the context of a psychic reading her goal is to explain the laws of creativity and prosperity. Further to explain how to move energy in one’s life to get more of what they want and need out of life.

Phyllis is the author of the book “A Psychic Perspective, Insights on Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness”. She created the working tape/DVD series “How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities”. She is the singer songwriter of the CD One Way Home. She is a classically trained cellist, and performs an original composition on the CD. In addition to her reading practice she still loves to perform occasionally as a singer. Her other passion is for writing. She is currently writing a screenplay she hopes will come to screen in 2009/2010. She is married to a composer, and has two children. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She regularly guest hosts the popular personal growth program, “Seeing Beyond” with Bonnie. She offers workshops and appears at local events and festivals in the Bay Area.

Phyllis has used her skills in the corporate world, the private sector, in nonprofit work. She has held positions as CEO/Executive Director, Marketing Director, and Human Resource Manager. She uses her intuition and skills as a consultant for corporations and individuals in business applications.