How could one small mosquito create such a huge stir? It’s simple. It decided what it wanted - your blood. It took action - bit you. In that moment when the mosquito bites you, sucks your blood and then withdraws, it is fulfilling one of the primary functions of its’ short life. The mosquito needs protein from the blood of a mammal, so it can lay eggs. Without it, the eggs cannot be laid. The only other purpose a mosquito has in life is to mate.

Are you fulfilling your primary function? Are you fulfilling your purpose in this life? Do you even know what your purpose is? Many of us cringe when we hear these questions. We have thoughts like, “I have a purpose in life? I can’t figure it out. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me what it is? Couldn’t they just write it on my birth certificate when I was born?”

Some people seem to have an inborn purpose and a knowing of what it is they are here to do. These people seem perfectly content and happy in their daily activities and with life in general. Others appear to be “born” healers, leaders, nurturers and protectors... or so it seems to them as they follow their path without question or regret.

For those who don’t have this knowing, there is often angst and despair when faced with the question of defining their purpose on this planet. Sometimes our purpose isn’t so blatantly obvious. Sometimes it may feel as though we have several different purposes and that we must live them out in different ways for the many different aspects of our lives. For many of us, our purpose doesn’t become clear until several decades into our lives, so we struggle with questions of direction and meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

The good news is that you do have a purpose; and the really good news is that you are the one who decides what it is! Yes, that’s right… your purpose is actually a decision that you make; it is not something that is demanded of you or pushed on you. You choose. You decide what your purpose is, no exceptions.

How do you decide your purpose? Here are a few things you can do:

1. Get Silent. Ask for guidance from “the source” and be open to the messages and signals that are imparted to you each day. When you ask for direction and trust that it will come to you, you must pay attention to the people, circumstances and things that show up in your life and where you are being guided. Coincidences and synchronicities will line up with ease. People will start telling you what you are a “natural” at. You will be drawn in a specific direction for learning something new or perhaps a perfect partner, a career move or a brilliant idea will appear to you out of thin air. When these things happen, pay attention and take action.

2. Write a list of the things that bring you joy. The things that bring you joy are a good indication of which path you should follow. If you love music and the arts, see if you can get a job in the industry. If you love the ocean, move there. If you like to be active, look for a relationship with someone else who likes this too.

3. Write a list of the things you excel at. The things that you do well and that come to you effortlessly are a good indication of the direction of your purpose. These are God-given gifts and they are here to assist you in fulfilling your purpose and your dreams.

4. Practice saying your purpose out loud. Say what you think your purpose is out loud and pay close attention to how you feel. Does it feel natural and exciting and perhaps calming and joyful? Or does it feel unnatural and boring or hard to do and uncomfortable? If it feels good, go with it.

When you come upon the purpose that is truly your own, you will have an inner-knowing that it is right for you. Your purpose may evolve over time, so as long as it feels good to you right now, you can head in that direction. Then, be flexible to new situations that arise which may lead you down a slightly different and even better-feeling path.

Keep in mind, your purpose is your own and no one else’s. There is only one you. You are the only one who can do exactly what you do exactly how you do it. When you know your purpose, step forward in faith and joy. Do not let anyone sway you from your vision.

It is important to remember that no matter what we do or what we don’t do, in each moment of each day we are making a difference. This happens whether we are aware of it or not. We make a difference whether we intend to or not

Our actions and words set examples for everyone around us; our children, coworkers, family, friends – everyone. Everyone around us is affected by what we decide to do or not to do. For example, spending even a single dollar at the grocery store can affect the economy of many countries and the people in them. Throwing one soda can into a stream can affect the ecology for miles around and for years to come. Planting trees on a hillside can affect the air around our whole planet. A smile to the gas station attendant can make his whole day!

We have many quite distinct and larger than life examples of people who have affected the world in a positive way; here are a few… Bill Gates, Helen Keller, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Gloria Steinem, Anthony Robbins, Mary Kay Ash, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, Debbie Fields, Rosa Parks, Wayne Dyer, Susan G. Komen, Walt Disney, Princess Diana… the list goes on.

What did each of these people possess that transformed them from an ordinary individual to someone extraordinary? They honored their self-proclaimed purpose. They started with a dream. They created a clear vision and added the desire from their heart and soul. And then, perhaps the most important part - they took action. They believed in the beauty and importance of their purpose and their dreams so much that they took action. They were conscious and aware that what they chose could make a difference, and they moved forward. They did something.

What are you willing to do? Your purpose is waiting… all you have to do is decide! Now, that’s Powerful!

Author's Bio: 

Sue Urda is the Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network, author, speaker, entrepreneur and a two-time Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies honoree. Her vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life. Sue’s mission is to create venues for women to grow their businesses and nurture relationships, and to foster empowerment, gratitude and self-development among women everyday.