Is a successful team a team that never faces difficulties or experiences disappointment?

Of course not.

The successful team is prepared for setbacks and disappointment, deals with the issue, stays focused and stays on track.

Even when a team is performing well there are issues to contend with, set backs and disappointments, sure there are but they are dealt with quickly, effectively.

Importantly there is no internal bickering, blame laying or critical confrontation.

Why is that?

It is because the team is running like an autocorrect software programme.

Should a problem arise the team member or team members best suited to deal with that problem, deal with it and the team stays focused, on track and on target.

A well balanced team is one which has a well balanced sprinkling of Behavioural Style and Technical Skill Sets for the task in hand. Sadly for one reason or another such teams are rarities.

You may well invest a great deal of time, effort and money into bringing together a team with the objective of fulfilling a key task or set of key tasks designed to move forward some project or other.

You may well select the team members carefully.

You may well use the output of any number of psychometric profiling systems or team building systems to assist you in your endeavours.

BUT you now find that despite your best efforts the team simply is not meeting its objectives for one reason or another, it is not performing to even minimum acceptable performance standards.

The team in question may consist of very few members; it may though consist of many.

The team membership may well be constantly changing and therefore the team dynamic could alter quite dramatically over time.

This is often the eventual root cause of team difficulties and sudden slumps in the quality, quantity and value of team outputs.

You may have personal responsibility for a team or more than one team.

You may or may not be a team leader but you know something has to be done to improve the team’s performance.

You may or may not be the team leader of a team which is failing and do not quite know what you can do to help arrest the slide in current team performance.

Where do you start?

First of all you may be sure that you are not alone in your wish, will and desire to correct the situation.

You may also be sure that the team of which you are a member is not the only team to be facing such challenges.

We would though recommend that you consider the advantage of using TeamFacilitate.

TeamFacilitate has been designed to lead a team in trouble through the necessary self-healing process to bring the team back to full vitality.

TeamFacilitate will be available online so there are no upfront software packages to buy.

TeamFacilitate may be accessed by any authorised person from anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available. This is of particular value where the team members are spread far and wide, maybe even located in different countries.

TeamFacilitate uses the behavioural style bio data of team members to identify the team member best suited to deal with a particular issue.

TeamFacilitate can use the output from Myers Briggs, Belbin or in a situation where the organisation does not have Myers Briggs or Belbin data for its employees there is an inbuilt ‘Free in Use’ DISC questionnaire which delivers outputs which the system uses.

It is possible that a team may consist of members who have a mix of Myers Briggs and Belbin data outputs.

There may also be team members for whom no such data exists.

In such a case the data from Belbin, Myers Briggs and the inbuilt DISC system will be interrogated. This mix and match facility does substantially increase the usability of TeamFacilitate.

TeamFacilitate also increases the value of having Belbin and or Myers Briggs systems deployed within the organisation.

There are many issues which may contrive to deflect a team from its main purpose. Within TeamFacilitate we have listed many hundreds and there is even a facility for you to add your own if you wish.

TeamFacilitate has had a long gestation period and has had contributions from many well informed and respected sources.

It is our wish that every organisation may have access to and experience the power of TeamFacilitate however we really only have time for serious enquiries and are not wanting to encourage professional freeloaders to clog up the system.

We are committed to a fair honest and genuine business relationship with our clients.

Should you wish to deal effectively with the problems which develop from Team Inertia, then the vehicle to use is likely to be TeamFacilitate.

TeamFacilitate is an online management tool designed to help teams quickly and effectively overcome team issues which are ‘cut to the chase’ team imperatives.

TeamFacilitate is a 21st century solution to problems and difficulties experienced by 21st century teams and their leaders.

This groundbreaking team support system will be ready for Beta testing June/July 2008.

To register your company’s interest in taking part I the Beta testing please go to…

Author's Bio: 

Malcolm Milligan involved in Sales, Marketing and Human Resource issues for over 40 years.

Personally helped many hundreds develop their careers in sales and sales management.

A DISC behavioural profiling text writer and author of numerous articles on DISC profiling techniques.

Author of 'How to Master Your Destiny' a home study personal development course available from http//

Recruitment and selection specialising in the selection process designed to cut staff turnover and increase human element effectiveness

Currently finalising the development of a TeamFacilitate an online management tool to help overcome team inertia