Identify the top 25 reasons you can’t sell now, and start your path to insurance sales success. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and you can’t solve problems you don’t understand. This article will help you to identify the things within you that are holding you back. Unfortunately, everything on this list is your fault, and it’s all your fault. Accept that and determine what you’ll do to correct your mistakes.

Only the top 3% in your industry have mega insurance sales success. Statistically 10% of you are great people in the wrong career. If you suspect you may be in the wrong career or want to prove to yourself that you’re in the right career there’s a quick way to do that. Take assessments that reveal your natural behaviors and motivators. Another 10% of you are barely surviving. 77% of you get most of the things you need to do right, but you can’t make forward progress until you get unstuck by removing your remaining barriers. If you’re in the top 3% who get it, you really get it. You make sales look effortless and your peers are green with envy. Even though you are the super star everyone else wants to be, you don’t know how to help other people to have the kind of success you enjoy.

So what are the top 25 reasons you don’t have insurance sales success:

  1. You think your failures and lack of success are someone else’s fault.
  2. You don’t understand why your prospects don’t want what you have.
  3. You think you need a killer presentation.
  4. Your own fear has a strangle hold on you.
  5. You don’t know how to gain the interest of your prospects.
  6. You think everyone is your prospect.
  7. You think you have to have all the latest gizmos to succeed in sales.
  8. You don’t know how to get a commitment.
  9. You don’t know what to say.
  10. You talk too much even though you think you don’t.
  11. You don’t know how to listen even though you think you do.
  12. You’re trying to persuade.
  13. You don’t set appointments for the right reason.
  14. You prejudge yourself and others.
  15. You haven’t earned referral rights.
  16. You don’t get what your prospects need.
  17. You don’t earn their trust.
  18. You don’t understand the Law of Attraction.
  19. You’re trying to succeed by being someone else.
  20. You don’t work on being the best.
  21. You want the quick fix instant solution.
  22. You forget sales boils down to people liking you because you’re real.
  23. You’re thinking about what you need not about what the prospect needs.
  24. You don’t give first.
  25. You don’t understand you need to aim small miss small and fail forward to succeed fast.

Long list, no easy fixes, or instant solutions just important truths about sales success. Your biggest obstacle to your sales success is you and that’s why it’s all your fault. Getting you out of your own way isn’t an easy or quick thing to do, but when you have your moments of revelation everything will change for you almost instantly.

Until you get yourself past these things you just feel stuck and frustrated, but once you overcome these things you have a fail safe sales process that will get you moving far and fast. Now this article provides a list for you to identify your areas for improvement but you need a lot more. You need to know what and where you’re mistakes are, and what you need to do to fix those mistakes. This is the first article in a series with follow-up articles going more in-depth about each reason on the list. If you’re ready to get unstuck check back for the next article, or just the one that really speaks to the reason you’re stuck.

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