You struggle with insurance sales success because you think everyone is your prospect. No, everyone isn’t a prospect and most of the people you try to appoint aren’t even suspects. You can change your success by changing who you try to appoint.

Your insurance sales success increases when you only appoint prospects and qualified prospects. In the world at large there are people who have no need for what you have to offer. There are people who are suspects. Suspects are people who fulfill one or two of these criteria: they have a need, they have the money to do business with you, or they can make a “yes” decision about doing business with you. A prospect fulfills all three criteria, but they may not be ready to make a buying decision right now. A qualified prospect fulfills all three criteria and they want to take action now.

Even a qualified prospect may not be a prospect for you because they don’t see anything about you that makes you the person they want to do business with. You and I and everyone else in the world at large likes to feel both important and special. When you narrow your focus on a target market, and take the time to do your homework so you know a lot about that target market, it’s easy for you to make them feel important and special. Because you understand them and their needs, and the way you communicate to them makes it perfectly clear to them that you do. If you sound like and act like the agent they have now, or the other agents that are chasing them for their business, they have little if any reason to choose you.

When you try to appoint everyone you look desperate and needy, and people want to get as far away from you as possible. If you’ve ever been to a networking event at the chamber you have a clear visual of exactly what I’m talking about. These are the folks that are trying to sell you something at the networking event, or pressing you for an appointment. You notice how people literally scatter to get away from these desperate souls who have no idea what they’re doing wrong. Remember you don’t want to appoint just anyone you only want to appoint prospects and qualified prospects. That’s the surest way to get sales and grow your business. But to get those appointments with these chosen people you must never appear desperate. The quickest way to move closer to an appointment is actually to pull away a little. In other words, if you’ve done a good job in crafting an attention getting core marketing message so they’ve engaged you to find out more about you they may suggest you should talk further. Rather than pouncing and going for the appointment right there, maintain some control. Let them know you may not be the right person for them, but you’re willing to get together so the two of you can find out.

Everyone isn’t your prospect and the more comfortable you are with this fact the sooner you’ll have insurance sales success. Accepting and understanding this is really part of your growth and development. It doesn’t have anything to do with rejection. It has everything to do with you understanding exactly what you do, who you do it with, and why you do it with them.

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