Are you finding it difficult to find enough people to have a selling conversation with? Are the people you do have selling conversations with really good prospects for you? Could it be that your marketing is the source of the lower than wanted and needed sales results you’re experiencing?

But the company I work for does all the marketing and I’m not allowed to market myself because of compliance issues, so you say. Well if the marketing your company is doing isn’t producing the qualified leads you need to succeed you can either choose to complain about it and continue to experience more of the same, or you can choose to proactively take care of marketing yourself for yourself. Compliance is only an issue when you make it an issue. There are lots of things you can do that don’t involve the ugly head of compliance. Don’t allow self-limiting thinking to hold you back.

But marketing is expensive and I just don’t have the money to market myself. The good news is the kind of marketing you need to do, marketing for the purpose of direct response lead generation isn’t expensive at all. In fact, you could effectively market yourself for a few dollars a week.

But I don’t know anything about marketing and I don’t know who I would get to do my marketing for me. You don’t have to be an expert in marketing to get results. And you need to learn how to do it yourself. No one, unless you really are going to spend an enormous amount of money, can market you better than yourself. You are the person who best understands who you help and why, and what they want that leads to more sales for you.

The sole purpose for marketing yourself is to get qualified prospects reaching out to you because they want to know more about doing business with you. It’s just a matter of developing the right message for the right people. Good marketing is based on a great sales message. If you know how to sell you have a lot of the basic concepts you need to market yourself. So stop whining about not having enough people to have sales conversations with, and having to have sales conversations with the wrong people, and start marketing yourself.

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