Increase your production by adding more clients and adding higher value clients. Easier said than done, right? Hopefully, no one ever told you it would be easy to sell insurance or investments. Yet, if you do certain things you can make it easier for yourself.

First, identify 3 new prospects each and every day. Write those three names down before the end of the day each and every day. Then allow your subconscious mind to start processing how you’re going to make a connection with those prospects. The opportunities are there you just have to be prepared to make them and/or take advantage of them when they arise. A good marketing system can make this process replicable, productive, and profitable.

Second, do your homework. Just having a set of three names isn’t enough, in fact, the names alone are one step above worthless. To discover the opportunities that are present you have to do your research and learn as much as you can about these prospects using every available resource.

Third, get the introduction. Ideally you want that introduction to come from a mutual connection. When that’s not possible, position an introduction based on what you know about the prospect. Never immediately ask to meet for a sales conversation. They don’t even know you at this point and they certainly aren’t going to want to meet you so you can sell them something.

Fourth, focus on value. Your position has to be based on the value you bring to them. That value can’t be based on a product you sell. It has to come from helping them to get something you know they want, or removing a challenge you know they have.

Fifth, plan. Plan your next steps from the introduction to closed business. At each point of connection you must have the objective of advancing the sale. Each advance should require a mutually agreed upon commitment.

Sixth, follow-up and follow through. One of the quickest ways to lose a prospect or client is to fail to do what you say you’ll do. It demonstrates you lack integrity with your word and values.

Seventh, expand your connections. Every new prospect and client knows at least 50 people really well that you don’t. They also know someone who knows someone you’d like to meet. So what are you doing to get the opportunity to take advantage of those connections?

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