Tired of dialing for dollars and being told it’s just a numbers game? If you’re currently just making phone calls off a list and are tired of getting abysmal results stop doing that, and start working smarter rather than harder. First, only call people that you’ve specifically targeted and you’ve reached out to and provided value. Second, be prepared to handle the call efficiently and effectively. Third, realize the phone call is part of your disqualification process. When you get to the point of making the calls you’re only doing so to sort the wheat from the chafe.

You’re making the call and that makes you responsible for the call. Get prepared before you pick up that receiver. Even though you’ve pre-warmed the people you’re calling with some value added marketing you still need an attention getting opening that will earn you a few seconds to introduce yourself and gain favorable attention. Your opening needs to powerfully and succinctly communicate your benefit position.

One reason you find it hard to pick up the phone is because you don’t like being rejected, who would? Rejection is awful and it destroys your self confidence. The lower your self confidence the higher the likelihood you’ll be rejected. After you’ve gotten their attention the next step is to either qualification or disqualify the person you’re talking to. One of the best ways to do that is to get them talking. The easiest way to get them talking is to ask a great question. You’ll know when you have a good question because most people will comment, “great question”.

You’re on a roll now, don’t blow it. Once you get them talking your responsibility is to listen. You shouldn’t be talking at all. You should only be asking more questions for greater understanding. As you talk both you and the person you called will come to realize there is clearly a reason for you to talk further, they have an interest but aren’t ready to take action, or they just aren’t a good fit for you.

Take responsibility and properly close the conversation. Notice I used the word conversation. If you’ve done a good job your call is a conversation not a pitch and you aren’t manipulating someone into meeting with you who doesn’t want to meet you. You don’t want to waste your time meeting with people who aren’t even prospects. There are three ways you could properly close this call. If they’re a good prospect who wants to know more offering a meeting is appropriate. If they’re a prospect but not ready to take action provide a way to stay in touch and continue to provide value for them. If they’re just not a real prospect thank them for their time and ask them who they know that is looking for the benefit you provide.

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