There are three approaches you can take if the forecasted recession becomes a reality. You can watch it happen and allow it to determine your future, you can hunker down hoping to survive it, or you can develop a plan to grow because of the recession. The choice and the result is yours.

It’s never a good idea to allow external circumstances to determine your future. Start identifying how you’ll be impacted by a recession if you do nothing to protect yourself. Think about how a recession will impact your customers and potential customers if they do nothing to protect themselves.

Anytime you try to do nothing more than protect yourself you’re actually moving backward. Your fear prevents you from investing in the things you should be investing in so you can excel even when those around you are going out of business left and right. Your fear driven mind set prevents you from seeing the opportunities that are around you even though there may be a recession.

The clear choice for anyone who not only wants to survive a recession, but thrive, is to develop a plan that enables them to do so. That plan begins with a clear understanding of your market. You need to predict the impact an impending recession will have on them before they do, so you can prepare a marketing message that reaches out and grabs their attention.

Marketing is the answer to making yourself recession proof. If you don’t know how to market yourself well now so you can predictably and consistently generate appointments with qualified prospects you have to bite the bullet and learn. And don’t turn to traditional marketing sources and experts for help their so-called help.

The only one being helped by traditional marketing is the person selling it to you. You can’t afford to waste your time and dollars on marketing designed to get your name out there, create a brand, or to build your ego. You have to learn how to market yourself in a way that generates qualified leads that turn into clients, so it more than pays for itself.

Stop any marketing you’re doing where you can’t track and measure the return you’re getting from your investment. Effective marketing can be tracked, you can predict the response rate, and it costs you less than the value of the sale to implement. Effective marketing helps you to filter out your ideal prospects from the group at large receiving your message.

Quite often effective marketing doesn’t look fancy or pretty. But, who cares? Marketing that gets you a specific number of leads to qualified prospects that turn into customers will look like the most beautiful marketing in the world to you because that marketing will make you excel whether a recession ever happens or not.

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