Yesterday morning I woke up and within one minute of opening my eyes, I’d jumped into work. I spent the first 30 minutes of my day on my computer, paying bills and tweaking things on the site even before I brushed my teeth! I became stressed right at the start of my day. The day before was even worse. Most of that day I felt I was chasing my tail. My mood was quiet and a bit sad, without knowing why. That’s unusual for me… I wondered what was going on?

This morning I got up early because I had a very full day interviewing luminaries. And that’s where the magic started. was born because I believe in the importance and power of daily inspiration in my life. I’m not sure where or when I lost my way, but in the building of this site- of inspiration no less- I had lost my own daily discipline! So much for practice what you preach. Lately it seems I’m too busy to take time for my own morning inspiration- and the irony of this situation is that we built the site for people just like me! It’s so easy to allow life and other things to become more important than what really matters.

So if I was going to ignore inspiration, I guess it had to find me. And find me it did! I had a truly amazing interview that brought me back to me. After the interview I felt like I was flying! Everything fell into place and I remembered not only why I’m doing what I’m doing, but who I am at the deepest level. I had such a renewed and restored sense of being- and from that place of balance and joy I was better prepared to enjoy the rest of the day. When it feels so delicious and makes such a positive difference, why is it that I can still ignore it for a day or two and still expect the same results in my day? Being too busy isn’t an excuse, but exactly the opposite. Taking the time for inspiration GIVES me more time in my day because I’m that much more productive. And it’s more fun too!

I learned that the best thing we can do is to fill our own cup first so that we’re able to be exceptional for others. Before I can inspire you, I need to inspire me. Before I can give to the world, I need to give to me. And that only comes from taking time for me each morning, before I try to be good for the world. It’s not selfish, it’s required.

So I invite you to take a moment for you- just you. Think about what inspires you and welcome it into your life. Allow yourself the privilege of taking time for you. You matter. And what better source to jumpstart your day or get a gentle reminder of what is possible in the world than coming to We’re always here for you!

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The Self Growth Official Guide to Inspiration is Gail Lynne Goodwin. Gail Lynne Goodwin, known as the Ambassador of Inspiration, has been lifting people's spirits for years. Motivated by mentors like Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer and others, Gail realized the importance of daily morning inspiration in her own life. After years of gathering and sharing some of the best available inspirational wisdom with others, she founded Inspire Me Today in 2008 to make the Best of the Best Inspiration Daily, easily available to the world. Get daily inspiration and your free "Secrets to Soaring" eBook at Now!

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