Have you noticed that successful business owners and executives hire coaches to be their strategic thinking partners? With the right coach as their trusted confidant, these leaders focus on solutions rather than problems and find opportunities in the challenges they face. That’s because working with right coach makes it easier to take and inspire strategic action.

Want to know an insider secret for hiring the right coach? Simple. The clearer you are about what you want to gain from coaching, the easier it is to know which coach is best for you.

Whether you want to focus on business, leadership or life challenges, coaching yields remarkable results when you actively engage in a collaborative relationship with the right coach. So tell prospective coaches what you want to strengthen, change, or accomplish with coaching. Notice how they respond. Which coach seems to “get” not just what you’re saying, but also a sense of who you are? Make sure you feel a natural rapport. And trust yourself to know which coach is best for you.

To help you clarify what you want to gain from coaching, here is a quick self-assessment. Ask yourself these 7 insider questions before engaging in conversations with potential coaches. Jot down your responses. Use your answers to help you select the right coach.

7 Insider Questions — Your Pre-Coaching Self-Assessment
Instruction: Be courageously honest with yourself in answering each question.

1. What challenges do you want coaching to help you resolve?

2. If you could change just one thing for the better, what would that be?

3. What difference would that change make and how would you feel?

4. What are you willing to do differently to have what you want?

5. What keeps you from doing that?

6. What could you let go of that is in the way?

7. What next step would “letting go” free you up to take?

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Former corporate warrior and business consultant turned Consciousness Coach, Sylvia Warren shows smart business women how to leverage the best of who they are into sustainable business and leadership success with satisfying life balance.

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