In a time where President Bill Clinton, former Senator John Edwards, and countless other public and private individuals stray from their relationships, temporal as it may be, I wonder how many Singles want a committed relationship.

Why? Dr. Darshana Hawks, Relationship Expert, asserts that we can be single in our committed relationships just as we are when we are single. The cause of this ailment is incompletion with who we are, what we need, being able to communicate openly about our needs, and being able to grow with our relationship instead of against it. When we are incomplete, we stray. When we are open and clear with ourselves and with those who love us and whom we love, connection and openness exists.

Infidelity is not unique to men by the way. Women stray as well. Both sexes are accountable for teasing others to stray. It is a primal game of sorts where playing the field is an endorphin generating and adrenalin pumping drug.

So, what does all this have to do with being single? Singles are infidels to Self every time they put themselves in the position of allowing another to cause them to feel less than whole. Singles practice infidelity every time they cross their ‘personal boundary rules’ of dating. For example, if you have a boundary of not kissing until the 3rd date and turn around and kiss on the 1st date, you are practicing infidelity to yourself.

Taking a long look at yourself, who you are, whether what you say and do are synchronous, who you spend time with, how you feel in the space of others, and whether you are able to openly communicate, even in the midst of an upset all leads to creating a grounded, loving, respectful, and collaborative relationship that grows with you as you grow and as life happens. Who you are has 100% to do with who you attract in a committed relationship! So, do you have the courage to answer the question: Who Am I?

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Darshana Hawks is an engaging and enlightening relationship success expert who is passionate about empowering individuals in having beneficial and loving relationships. Life has so many demands on us today that relationship development can slip on our list of priorities. Most people tend to plan for their career, investing in education for their profession, and plan for their wedding arrangements, but fail to plan or get educated for the most important relationship in their life.

Dr. Dar is here to educate you on how to create and have a wonderful relationship that works. Her goal is to educate you on properly planning and setting realistic expectations for your relationship and/or marriage. She teaches singles how to be clear about who they are so they can begin to attract the love of their life and helps them make the right relationship choices. For married couples, she guides them to properly communicate and connects them to each other by using clear and applicable tools and skills.

Dr. Dar simplifies things so that you can quickly see options and solutions that were previously inaccessible. The benefits of working with Dr. Dar include solving problems quickly to see immediate results and changes in the relationship, peace of mind, feeling of accomplishment, and better communication with an upbeat excitement about the future.