The issue of infertility depression has been long debated but who is right and who's wrong makes little difference to the person going through this mentally stressful time.

Is infertility depression real? You would be an extremely hard-nosed person to suggest depression caused by infertility issues is all in a person's head.

Consider this... a person with infertility problems and who is also in a depressed state of mind suddenly has their problems compounded. They are forced to deal with two problems instead of one.

Instead of overcoming depressive tendencies they must also deal with the emotions fertility issues bring. It takes a very strong person mentally to handle this.

How To Deal With Infertility Depression?

So how does one deal with this? The most recommended course of action is to tackle them individually. Deal with the infertility separate from the depression. If the fertility issues are not of an unexplained nature then there is still plenty of hope because in at least 80-90% of cases, the problem is located, rectified and conception is possible.

So in other words, deal with the infertility on it's own merits. The chances of a happy outcome are good and the spin-off effect should have a profound impact on a person's depressive state.

What Is Infertility Depression?

It's reasonable to assume that infertility depression is different to the more typical depression cases. With infertility, it's a combination of a number of issues with the most damaging relating to jealousy.

Jealousy emotions not only lead the person suffering them to be depressed, but it can have devastating consequences on their relationships with others.

Anger, guilt and feelings of inadequacy all combine with jealousy to form a powerful cocktail of infertility depression. One way to combat this is to simply face the issue head on and work towards finding a solution for your fertility issues. Most times you will.

For those who never do, then there are some excellent sounding boards such as infertility forums to become part of and the good thing about these is, you will more than likely meet people in either the exact same predicament or those who have been there and overcome it. That sort of support is priceless.

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