Wisdom seekers, do you share my interest in twins?

Twins have fascinated me for most of my life. You may know a lot I don't on this topic -- including what it feels like to BE a twin or to be the parent or child or a twin. But I'll bet you haven't thought much about being a twin from the perspective of PHYSIOGNOMY, the ancient wisdom tradition of reading faces for character.

Identical twins become increasingly different looking over time. Why? Because of the connection between physical faces and the inner face.

How does free will change a face over time? This is the core of my interest in face reading, and the essence of my trademarked system, Face Reading Secrets(R).

Right now, I'm looking for some good photos of adult identical twins for my blog, "Deeper Perception Made Practical." I aim to do one or more posts where I read how their faces are the same, and what that means, and also HOW THEIR FACES LOOK DIFFERENT, and what THAT means.

So far, I haven't done any blog posts about this. But I can tell you that I have done many personal face readings for clients who are identical twins. (I've been involved in teaching personal development for 38 years and, within the profession of physiognomy, am known as the mother of American face reading.

Let me tell you, nobody is more grateful for face readings than identical twins. Except perhaps identical twins who value wisdom!

If you are interested in sending links to photos, please send them to my blog, at the TWIN post at http://www.rose-rosetree.com/blog.

* At least one of the twins should be at least 18. (Yes, that's one of my cute twin jokes.) Obviously, both most give permission. Send links ONLY if this is the case, because you can't get much more public than a blog.

* The older the twins are, the better. No particular face changes happen due to time alone. Instead, what out-pictures are consequences of thoughts and actions and choices to grow as a person.

* Photos should show each face straight on and be big enough to see clearly face data about cheeks, mouth, nose, etc.

* I would like to do at least one free face reading of adult identical twins, maybe more. Let's be clear, however. I am not promising that I will read every set of photos of twins sent to me here. I will choose just one or two pairs that seem especially interesting.

What else would be useful for you wisdom seekers to know? My system of face reading is based on the premise that "God don't make no junk." Although I usually go into potential challenges as well as talents, the overall intent is to help people. And that isn't how most people view adult twins... or anyone else.

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