Why doesn't this person do what I want them to do? Can't they just get along? Why is he so abrupt with everyone?

Why doesn't she follow the steps in the process like they are meant to be followed? Why are so many mistakes made? Why do I have to follow up so much to make sure the work gets done?

Why don't they take responsibility for the whole job? People problems! I just don't understand!

I meet scores of people every day who just don't understand why things are the way they are. Being caught up in the activity of work and life, they find it hard to step back and analyze what is going on. Many people in positions of authority and supervision often lack the knowledge and skills to solve those people problems and they become extremely frustrated, perplexed, and often withdrawn.

Does this ring true for you?

The result is that there exist unmet needs of people in the organization, unsolved people issues, and unacceptable behaviors and attitudes that fester and grow more destructive each day. You can sense that these problems exist when competent people are frustrated, in perpetual conflict, and turnover is above normal for their departments.

These destructive effects are often caused by people who need a more in-depth understanding and development of competencies in the following areas:

1. Modeling effective and productive basic personal work, supervisory, management, and leadership skills
2. Using positive and uplifting attitudes (way of thinking) in all situations
3. Effective interactions with different personality types
4. Recognizing and developing the potential and greatness that people possess
5. Positive win-win-win resolution of conflict
6. Being accountable and holding people accountable
7. Providing effective and positive feedback
8. Coaching in positive ways for improved behaviors and performance
9. Communicating in an enabling and empowering way
10. Projecting a caring and genuine interest in people

There are ten items in this list. Rate yourself on how well you accomplish each item with a scale of 1 (very very poor) to 10 (absolutely magnificent).

How well did you do? Now, give this article to all the people who work for you and have them rate you. How well did you do?

If there is a gap, then there is some serious work to do. If the score is below 50, there is still some serious work to do. If you are 80 or above, you should be in charge of the organization and I'll work for you!

The real message in this article is this. If you feel insecure, have trouble understanding and working with people, have difficulty in some area of supervision, or are frustrated at the inability to effectively solve people issues, then it's time to look at yourself and ask, "What must I learn and what skill(s) must I develop to become a highly effective and productive person, supervisor, manager, and leader?"

If you are having a problem answering that question, then get a COACH and invest in your future. Who better to invest in than yourself? What better way to accelerate the development of your knowledge, understanding, and competencies?

What better way to develop more of your unlimited potential and realize more of your greatness? What better way to leverage the present to create a bigger and brighter future for yourself and your organization?

I am that kind of COACH, having helped hundreds of people in this way. Why not you? Contact me and find out what is possible.

Author's Bio: 

Joe Farcht is the founder and president of Leadership Advantage, Inc. He develops and coaches leaders, executives, managers, supervisors and individuals to new levels of performance, competency, and success in their work and life. Joe is the author of the book Building Personal Leadership: Inspirational Tools & Techniques for Work & Life. He is also a certified executive coach, popular speaker, and master at leadership skill building with individuals and groups.

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