Running a website, you discover a lot of interesting subjects that people search for on the internet. However, when a woman recently Googled “husband wants me to work instead of taking care of baby” and landed on my website, it greatly saddened me.

I think that all who run an internet-based business, whose customers can remain completely anonymous except with a name or email, we all wonder who it is that we are helping. Who are our customers? What were they looking for when they were searching? Did the information on my site or in my product help at all? I wonder what they look like and how their lives are going.

Questions such as these go through my head with every product sold or visitor to my website, as it did with the following woman. However, something struck a chord with this search that the usual “waiting to have a baby” Googled does not.

I was especially interested in this lady, probably because I believe that moms should stay at home and take care of their children. I am convinced that no one can substitute for the tender loving care you give your own child. I propound every woman should have that choice to stay at home and I believe that they should be supported 100%, especially from their husband. It is heartbreaking that this woman is not supported in her desire to raise her baby how she believes it should be raised. Also, I was distressed that the husband did not want his child to have the best care possible—which can only be provided by the mother.

I wonder if what I wrote made a difference to this woman or helped her in some small way. I wonder if she found what she needed in order to convince her husband or receive the comfort she needed to face her reality, either from my site or somewhere else. I think we all wonder if what we do actually helps others. No one wants to think that their work is somehow in vain. Everyone wants to make some difference in this world, no matter how little it may seem.

Every person is going through something different, facing distinct challenges at a particular time in life. Each of us wants to help those that they can in some way through their challenges, if they have some expertise in that area.

My dream is to help parents and soon to be parents avoid common pitfalls, think for themselves when it comes to raising a baby, and encourage them to be the best they can be for the sake of their baby. I hope my books, articles, and website meet these goals to the best of my ability.

For the lady who landed on my site, I hope it was time well-spent and to all other women (and the occasional father or husband who visits) I wish them the best in finding the information that they seek in order to parent their children the best they know how.

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By: Jennifer Dionne. Her website is, a comprehensive view of pregnancy and parenting. She is a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about helping other moms through the challenges of motherhood. She is the author of “How to Have a Baby Your Way”, which is available through her website.