A condom is commonly understood to be a male contraceptive device used during sexual intercourse. It is a protective sheath covering the erect male penis, thereby physically preventing the ejaculated semen from coming into contact with the body of the sexual partner and as a result preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Another important function of the condom is to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

One may feel one knows it all but fact remains that using a condom may become quite irrelevant if one does not know how to use it. Moreover a condom has to be used consistently and properly in compliance with instructions, as inconsistency and improper use may well make the use of a condom a superfluous exercise.

Surprising though it may sound, even wearing a condom is governed by certain etiquettes that have to be perfected first by learning and then with practice. Like most products bought off the shelf from a pharmacy, condoms also come with an expiry date. Hence the very first thing to do is to check out date of manufacture and expiry when purchasing a condom.

Well, a condom needs to be slipped on to an erect penis hence it should be kept within reach, ready for use. During intercourse and before penetration the condom package has to be opened at one corner carefully, so as not to tear or damage the condom with fingernails, or teeth or by rough usage. One is advised to ascertain that the condom appears to be undamaged and in good condition.

The condom needs to be placed over the tip of the hard penis and in case the condom does not have a reservoir top, the top end can be pinched slightly to leave about an inch of space to both dispel any air bubble and also to collect the ejaculated semen. In case the male is not circumcised, the foreskin has to be pulled back gently before slipping on the protective sheath. Once again the air has to be pinched out of the condom with one while the other unrolls the condom over the erect penis from the tip all the way to the base of the penis, smoothing out any bubbles. One needs to be careful with bubbles as they may cause breakage in condom leading to accidents.

A little lubrication on the outside of the condom always helps and adds to comfort. It is advisable to use a water based lubricant with latex condoms as oil based lubricants have been reportedly susceptible to breaking down of latex. KY Jelly and Liquid Silk have been known to work very well as oil based lubricants.

One of the basic instincts of man, sex undoubtedly gives a lot of pleasure that can be incredibly heightened with the help of variations and effective use of protective tools like condoms which unleash the mind allowing it to explore and experience, keeping it free from fear of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover condoms themselves are on offer with variants of color, size, shape, flavor and brand to make each sexual experience an unforgettable one!

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