Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is simply the quickest and most effective way to deal with doubts, obstacles, triggers, cravings, concerns, and emotions that most people who are quitting smoking have to deal with. Not only does EFT help make the transition to non-smoker easier, it better equips ex-smokers to deal with any stressful situations that may cause a relapse.

EFT was founded by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer, Ordained Minister and Personal Performance Coach. You can download a free how-to manual from his website (www.emofree.com). EFT is simply emotional acupuncture without the needles. Our bodies are made up of subtle energies. When negative emotions are present, it's simply a disruption of the bodies energy system. With EFT you stimulate certain meridian points by tapping on them, and it tends to balance the energy flow in our body. EFT is simple to learn, gentle and easy to use, can be used anywhere, only take minutes, and has such great results.

Here are the EFT basic steps to Stop Smoking:

1. Write down all doubts, triggers, emotions, obstacles, and concerns you have about quitting smoking? (I doubt that I can quit smoking or quitting smoking is too stressful)

2. Evaluate the intensity level of each issue or emotion on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being the most). (Doubt - 8, Stress - 7)

3. Set up the affirmation and reminder phrase starting with the most intense issue first.

Affirmation - Even though I doubt I can quit smoking, I deeply and completely accept myself, or Even though I think quitting smoking will be too stressful, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Reminder phrase - My doubts about quitting smoking and My stressful feelings about quitting smoking.

4. Begin tapping lightly on the following meridian points on one side of your body using your index finger and middle finger with either hand, as you speak the phrases out loud. (To view a chart of the tapping points go to www.mindbodytapping.com)

Karate Chop - "Even though I doubt I can quit smoking, I deeply and completely accept myself." (Repeat 3 times).

Eye Brow (Beginning of your eye brow near the top of your nose) - "My doubts about quitting smoking"

Side of the eye - "I doubt I can quit smoking"

Below the eye - "My doubts about quitting smoking"

Under the nose - "Doubt I can quit smoking"

Middle of the chin - "All the other things I have tried did not work"

Under the collarbone - "I really just doubt I can quit smoking"

Under the armpit - "My doubts about quitting smoking"

Top of the head - "Doubt I can quit smoking"

5. Take a deep breath.

6. Re-evaluate the intensity level of the issue using the 1 to 10 scale.

7. Tap a second round (Continue tapping as many rounds as you need to reduce
the intensity level of the issue below a 3).

8. Move onto the next emotion or issue starting
with the Evaluation #2.

9. Once you have removed all of your doubts, fears, concerns, and obstacles, you are ready to quit smoking.

10. For the first few weeks, use EFT at least three times each day to deal with any emotions,
or issues that come up.

To Stop Smoking Today, I recommend you find a local Board Certified Hypnotist who uses EFT as part
of their Stop Smoking Program.

Darren Hiller is a Stop Smoking Expert, Board Certified Hypnotist & EFT Practitioner. http://www.darrenhiller.com

Author's Bio: 

Darren Hiller is a Board Certified Hypnotist & EFT Practitioner. His Mission, His Passion, is to help his client's positive changes in their life. He has a private practice in Dallas, TX. www.darrenhiller.com