For many the concept of work holds many negative connotations. We are taught that we are not really supposed to enjoy our work we just do it get paid so that we can do the things we actually enjoy on the weekends

I would like to challenge these ideas, what if it really is possible to do the work that you most enjoy and are well paid for it.

What if this was possible for YOU?

Imagine waking up Monday morning leaping out of bed too excited to eat breakfast because of the exciting day ahead. Well this really is the way it can be and is meant to be. My opinion is that when we are doing work we enjoy, utilizing our innate talents and gifts, we will attract opportunities and the money will follow.

The secret is in identifying your own unique talents and gifts.

‘I haven't got any…’ I hear you say.

Well trust me you have we all have.

You may have repressed them over the years, or perhaps you don’t consider them gifts. You may of convinced yourself or been convinced by well meaning family members that you would never make a living doing that. So you went out and got a ‘proper’ job

Well I would urge you to think again. There are so many opportunities these days particular since the digital revolution, it is possible run a successful small business from a back bedroom.

The mistake many people make, as I did for many years, is to undervalue a particular talent or ability because it seems so easy for us to do. We may think it must be easy for everyone and therefore have little value.

I would encourage you to really think about your talents and gifts, because we all have them. I would recommend you write out a list.

Are you good with animals? Children? Perhaps you are a good listener. Do you enjoy building things?

Whatever it is, write it down however big or small. Don’t think too much just write down the activities you must enjoy.

Also think about what activities you enjoyed doing as a child, as this can often provide valuable clues to our innate talents and abilities. Perhaps, you enjoyed painting as a child, and haven't picked up a paintbrush in years. Then why not go out and buy a painting set and some paper and spend a leisurely afternoon painting!

It may help reawaken your natural abilities that have been forgotten over the years.

Decide to take small steps towards finding the work that you would most enjoy, I cant promise that you will discover it overnight, although you may do. It may take a while. It did for me and it is still on ongoing journey of discovery. Just don’t give up. This is too important.

Over the years, I have read many books and listened to many talks on self-employment and personal development one of my favourites is by Nick Williams entitled ‘Discovering the Work You Love’ it is really very good. In the book, he describes a process of identifying our talents getting in touch with our talents. Its is very good.

He also offers a FREE e-course which is based on the book. It describes the essential principles and the process of discovering your ideal work. It did help me immensely. I would highly recommend it!.

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I wish you every success on your journey, I hope this article has helped, I would be thrilled to hear of your experiences and successes.

Author's Bio: 

Shaun Davis lives in the UK and writes on range of subjects. My main interests are Personal development, Paranormal, Spirituality and Business.