Imagine how your life might be if you knew how to finally
stop the stress in relationships that saps your strength,
drains your energy and ruins your productivity!

Until you have released the need for judgment, you will
always have it reflected back to you in your relationships.
This is one of the main causes of stress. All too often we
assume that we know what others mean by what they say or do
without bothering to gain a clear understanding of what's
really going on. This inevitably leads to a breakdown in
communication and conflict.

The biggest secret to stress free relationships is to master
the skill of being agreeable!
If you think about it just for a moment this makes a lot of
sense. How did you feel the last time someone disagreed with
what you though, said or did? Did you thank them, give them
a big hug and then ask for more disapproval? Probably not!
The bottom line is that people don't like being disagreed
with. This is what leads to arguments and conflict.

You have a choice every time you relate with another person.
You can either be agreeable in nature and in communication
or you can be disagreeable. The first choice will cause
people to be more relaxed and enjoy your company. The second
creates stress and frustration.

It costs nothing to agree with someone else's point of view
even if you think it's ridiculous. Who are we to judge how
another person views their life and the world around them.
Conflict always arises from disagreement's which then leads
to power struggles. This means that either one or all
parties are trying to prove that they are right and someone
else is wrong. This is a no win scenario because if one
person is made wrong, then the outcome is tension and

So what do you do if you disagree with what someone is
saying? Ask if it's ok to share your opinion. If the answer
is no, then to keep your relationships stress free keep your
mouth shut. Changes topics if you need to or go do something
fun together but let it go and move on.

The next secret to stress free relationships is to master
the skill of understanding.
The key here is to learn to be a good listener. Can you
remember a time recently when you were talking with someone
and they either interrupted you before you finished talking
and started talking about themselves or completely ignored
what you said and talked about something totally unrelated?
I know that's happened to me thousands of times. Well guess
what, if you didn't like it I can guarantee you that others
won't like it if you do it to them.

By listening attentively to what others say and not
interrupting you will prevent the possibility of causing
stress and tension in your relationships because the people
you are communicating with will feel seen and heard. This
builds trust and respect which are two of the most important
ingredients of a happy, healthy and productive relationship.

Here are 4 keys to master the skill of understanding:
1. Don't interrupt unless you have something urgent to
attend to. Then excuse yourself politely and make a time to
meet with them that you can give your undivided attention.
2. Look them in the eye and keep your body language open
3. Only ask questions that are relevant to the topic. This
lets the person who is talking know that you are really
listening to them.
4. Never assume you know what someone means, always ask for
clarity before sharing you're opinion. Don't be afraid to
keep asking questions until you are 100% sure about what is
being said.

The only time to try and get others to understand you is
after you have understood them. Then they are more receptive
to what you have to say. This skill is one of the most
important in building good bonds between people that are
stress free. There is nothing more powerful than letting
others know that they matter.

Happy, healthy and stress free relationships are no
accident. They are skillfully developed over time by people
who care about people. These secrets will only work if you
apply them. The more you apply them, the less stress you'll
have in relationships. I know this for a fact because they
have been working for me for more than 15 years.

To Your Great Life and Health

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