It's not so easy to get dumped by a man who dislikes change. Of all the zodiac signs, Taurus is the most stubborn, a true creature of habit. The Bull is an earth sign (along with Virgo and Capricorn), focused on tangible progress and concrete results. He's attached to his treasured possessions. Taurus values security and reliability, and will dig in his heels if forced to move from his sweet spot in the grass. So if he finds a comfortable relationship groove, it's near impossible to steer him from his course.

Two Types of Losing

Sometimes you want to get rid of someone who won't let go, and other times you screw up so bad you forfeit the person you cherished. Let's cover both scenarios:

When a Taurus Man Won't Leave

No matter how many times you've said "it's over" -- you need to take matters in your own hands. The Bull can be possessive, and letting go of you can be as hard as parting with the keys to his Range Rover. Or he may take you for granted, if you've become a fixture of his environment ... like a cozy armchair. To make him turned off to you -- so that he thinks it's his decision to call it quits -- be unpredictable (and tasteless) enough to make him supremely uncomfortable. Don't return his calls, texts or emails with any regular frequency. If you live with him, come home late when you told him otherwise. Spend money in your shared account without consulting him. Buy a really ugly sculpture. Try to smell bad. Eventually, he'll be so fed up with you that he'll pack his bags ... and his numerous collections. 

When You've Lost A Taurus Man 

If you've lost a Taurus against your will, you may have inadvertently turned him off by doing exactly what irks him the most. As much as you loved him, your unreliability -- and lack of appreciation for the simple things in life -- drove the nail in your coffin. It's hard to say if he'll let you back into his arms once he's let you go, but the best way to turn things around is by becoming more grounded. You don't have to give up your spontaneity, but you may need to channel it into activities that appeal to him -- a hike along an unmarked trail, attendance at a vintage toy convention. And bringing home a box of chocolates always works!   

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