Self Improvement.

Go meditate upon a wall some say
Claim Mount Everest some others say
Marry a rich bitch yet others say...

Fact however is that for many a simple (or complicated) change in place of living does the trick much better then any philosophy or psychology.

In my astrological studies i often came across people that had difficult planet positions in the worste houses, or negative aspects to their Asc. or MC axis.
health problems, socila outcasting, no money or other pretty terrible things happened to them.

While relocating to a new place of living, a new country, a new continent or just half across a country sounds like a total nightmare to most average citizens, and of course, such a move may not turn a troubled life into a super existence either, fact again is that very often it is the fundamental cure to certain troubles or the jump start to a successful career.

My expertise in the field of astrological charts recalculations - hence finding possible better places of living for clients - is well, very well researched.
I have started with the men in the mirror and used myself as guinea pig - oh boy was i successful in being at the best possible places at the best possible places - in fact so good i can't even stop this lifestyle anymore, horrible, ain't it???

Anyway, soch global research for better places of living for an individual are exactly this, an individual situation, so please consult Astrologer Rudolf Megert (website: ) to learn what i can do for you, it's in any case better then what anyone else could possibly do for you.

Total awareness is my Motto.

Author's Bio: 

Born in CH, learned the arts in Basel, learned that things have to be done at the right time - and possibly also at the right place to be a success. Started to travel to aquire more knowledge of my astrological invention, recalculating charts, from place of birth to any place of living anywhere on the globe and what effect this has on an individual.
Never stopped travelling since.